Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Employment Agency PROBLEMS: Losing the candidate paperwork & giving personality tests they don't understand

Well, the employment agencies are just up to their no good per usual. One agency on Chicago's Northshore confirmed that the employment paperwork that the candidate fills out (when they sign up with the agency) gets separated. In other words, the resume is not in the file and the job application is not together with the resume. If this isn't backwards recruiting and disorganization, THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS? That's not the recruiting I know and not the competent recruiting that should be transpiring.

The second problem we heard about is that the employment agencies are giving personality tests and don't know what test they are giving or don't know about other personality inventories. This is truly amazing. This AGAIN demonstrates that the agencies just don't know what their doing and don't have people who are properly educated and informed about these tests to administer them in a competent and professional manner. The person who told us about this incident relayed the following: the personality inventory was put infront of them and this person asked the recruiter "Which personality test is this? (This person took a Psych Testing class in grad school) The recruiter replied "It's based on Carl Jung". This person then asked the recruiter "Have you heard of the Meyers Briggs?" and the Recruiter replied "No". Now this is ridiculous. The Recruiter is giving a test that doesn't have a name and doesn't know what the Meyers Briggs is WHICH IS based on Carl Jung's theory. That's how incompetent and uninformed the Recruiters are. The employment agencies need to be SERIOUSLY regulated and monitored. This is a horrible scene for a Recruiter to NOT KNOW what the Meyers Briggs is.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Toxic Executives/Toxic Organizations: They both contribute to an unproductive and hostile work environment

Toxic people are defined as those who's personality and functioning pollute the work environment with their hostile environment. This behavior/personality creates a road block in working as a team and functioning cohesivly. Many of the consulting firms and financial firms are loaded with egocentric and arrogant people who poison the environment and create more problems that take away from company productivity.

Do you know any individuals who are toxic or organizations where the environment is poisonous? Please share your story with us!!!

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