Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chicago: Barry Personnel and Northbridge Staffing

Enclosed is a post we found on in the jobs section. These two organizations need to be REGULATED. They are posting FAKE JOB ADS.

Dear Barry Personnel: < jobbyjoberson > 12/14 07:43:38
I am so M***** F**K*** SICK to DEATH of opening ads and seeing the name of your GOD FORSAKEN agency! CAN you PLEASE either: a) Limit the number of ads you post here. or b) Go to a paying site like a normal F***K*** agency! Obviously you aren't having THAT much success here if you have have to constantly innundate this board with your postings...don't expect me to believe that your demand is that great, what with the fact that there aren't THAT many jobs out there AND there are like seven THOUSAND staffing firms in FREAKING Chicago. SO, Barry Personnel, don't make me get ugly. STOP posting your fake job ads here. Any job seekers as sick of them as I am? P.S. Northbridge Staffing, you're next.

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