Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome to America's Work Stories

Welcome to America's Work Stories
We live at our jobs for 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. The workplace is filled with many different types of people and some who are more pleasant and gifted than others. The workplace also contains many and various people who are managing the business or operation who are also working with many and varied skill levels. As was stated, this blog is to allow America to share their work stories both good and bad. We're also going to have stories from people inside different companies about the inner workings and all the various characters in the office.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Employee of the Year Award

We would like to award the following people with the EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD. This award is based on your dedication to your profession and your persistance of informing the public about our country, REPORTING & PROSECUTING criminal activity, the politicians and the goings on in Washington DC. We reserve the right to add people to the list at any time.

1. JOHN CONYERS (D- MI, US House of Representatives) - for your persistance at gathering evidence of criminal acts of the Bush Administration. You never stop and just keep going. Your persistance is so admirable. You will always go down in the history books as a Congressman who stood for the working people of the United States and for what is right and good about this country. You need to be elevated to sainthood. You are amazing and are greatly appreciated for your work and dedication.

2. MAUREEN DOWD (NY Times Columnist) - because you never give up pounding on the Bushies, their criminal activity and this criminal White House. You and Keith Olberman are the only respected journalists who report the facts and are willing to say it like it is.

3. RANDI RHODES (Air America Radio Host) - your persistance and energy on Air America Radio where day after day you CONTINUOUSLY go after the Bush regime and you just keep pounding. Your reporting to the American people about the wrongdoing and criminal activity of the Bush Mafia is OUSTANDING unlike the main stream media who have neglected their duties as journalists and have FAILED the American people.

4. Keith Olbermann (Countdown Host on MSNBC) - Keith continues to tell the truth and reported on what was transpiring in Ohio right after the November 2004 Selection. He also continues to report the news that other networks are refusing to share with the American people. Your honest and persistance at TELLING THE TRUTH is very admirable and should be awarded. America's Work Stories is looking forward to Keith's coverage when major historical events transpire this year.

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