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Wage Decline & Corporate Self - Destruction

We've received another article from unlawflcombatnt@aol.com. We thank him for his insightful material. With cucuckoobananas in charge, SOMEONE has to explain how things ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK!!! We look forward to more articles.
Wage Decline & Corporate Self Destruction

Until recently, American corporations had been unable to destroy their own consumer market, because they were forced to maintain wages at a certain level. This was due to the limited supply of workers in their native country.

The labor force supply-and-demand effect created upward pressure on wages. This prevented American industry from reducing wages below a certain level. In turn, this maintained aggregate labor/consumer income at a high enough level to purchase American products. With global labor competition, wages can be reduced drastically. With this reduction, however, comes reduction in the consumer income that purchases American products. This drastic reduction in aggregate consumer income will lead to a drastic reduction in consumer demand. If the average American worker is making $4/day, due to glogal labor competition, who will buy American products? CEOs? Congress? Bill Gates? Martians? Can the super rich really buy enough computers and SUVs to maintain American consumer spending and demand?

If not, then where will the profits come from with drastically reduced sales? Can profits be made without selling any goods? Can labor costs be reduced enough to make profits without any sales? Corporate America fails to understand that maintaining worker wages is to their advantage. It's not only to their advantage, it's a necessity. American labor "costs" actually provide the income to buy American products. (Labor costs = consumer income. Labor cost reduction = consumer income reduction. In reality, it's worse than this. Consumer income reduction is > than labor cost reduction.) To restate this, as corporations lower labor costs, they lower consumer income as well. Corporations decrease the size of their own market by reducing aggregate consumer income. If they continue to increase profit margins by reducing labor income, they'll eventually be unable to sell their products.

There won't be enough income to purchase America's production. Remember slavery? Slaves never bought any products. They didn't have any income. If we all become slaves, we won't have any income either. And corporate America won't be able to sell their products to anyone. Corporate America will have destroyed itself, due to its own greed. Henry Ford said that he paid his workers well so they could buy his cars. Corporate America should take heed of this. The most productive economies we've ever had were when worker wages were at their highest inflation-adjusted level. There are 2 economic principles that are being ignored by Corporate America. Consumer spending is 2/3 of economic activity. They also ignore the fact that consumer spending is the biggest part of the GDP equation. (GDP=Consumer_spending+investment+government_spending+trade_balance)

In reality, investment spending will be self-limited if consumer spending isn't maintained. Production facilities will not be built if no one buys products. In addition, government spending is financed by taxes on consumer income. Thus, it is also very dependent on consumer income. Exports depend on foreign labor income, which creates foreign consumer markets. Since average foreign worker income is miniscule, this will never be a very large number. Imports will continue to subtract from GDP, as long as slave-labor wages are encouraged by "free" trade/slave labor agreements. Since consumer spending is strongly related to labor/consumer income, a reduction in consumer income will also reduce GDP. We're not "growing" our economy by reducing labor costs. We're shrinking it.

Investment does NOT create jobs. It only "allows" for their creation. Increased Demand for goods creates jobs, because it necessitates hiring of workers to produce more goods. Investment "permits" job growth. Demand necessitates it.Building a factory does NOT create jobs. Demand for production DOES create jobs. Goods are not produced if there is no demand for them.

Without demand for goods, there is no demand for workers to produce them. Without demand, no amount of investment creates jobs.

Open Thread

Well, it looks like Deep Throat has revealed himself. Some bloggers are saying that this is the fall guy for GHWBush...time will tell the story. For now, the floor is yours.

Kanbay is helping Corporate America Outsource Work

We received an email about Kanbay located in Rosemont, Illinois who is helping companies outsource. We've enclosed their contact information so all of you can give them a call or email them.

Corporate Headquarters
Kanbay International, Inc.
6400 Shafer Court
Rosemont, Illinois 60018 (USA)
Phone: 847 384 6100
Fax: 847 384 0500
Email: solutions@kanbay.com

Dear America's Work Stories,

I wanted to let you know that Kanbay is helping Corporate America outsource work to India. They're headquarters are in India and thought you might want to tell your readers.

Thank you.

Message from the NYPD Detectives: We need more money, people and equipment/cars etc

We have received from the NYPD Detectives that they don't have the appropriate resources to do their job..(thank you Mayor Bloomberg). Enclosed is the note describing what they are in need of.

Dear America's Work Stories,

The Detectives of the NYPD do not have enough help in terms of staffing, not enough overtime to catch these herrendous people and not enough cars/equipment to do our jobs. It's after 9/11 and we don't have the money or equipment to competently carry out our tasks which is absolutely unthinkable.

Thank you for this blog and allowing us the opportunity to share what's happening inside the NYPD.

Monday, May 30, 2005

How To Succeed at Failing: The Bush Administration's (and Corporate America's) Motto to Live By. The Worse You Are, The Higher You Get Promoted.

This was a great article I found on BuzzFlash.com. Corporate America is practicing the same thing...promote the people who are problems, contribute negatively to the work environment (READ: JOHN BOLTON) and are INCOMPETENT!!!! Enjoy!!!


May 31, 2005

The Success of Failure
By YT Cai
A recent case where two Army analysts who earned job performance awards for reporting that aluminum tubes purchased by Iraq, and normally used for ordinary rocket casings, could have been used as centrifuge parts to enrich uranium is only the latest example of how ineptness is rewarded in the Bush Administration.

The list of individuals who received accolades and/or promotions for performance that would otherwise call for reprimand, summary discharge, or even possibly criminal charges is quite lengthy. Some of the more egregious examples of people who have benefited from nonsuccess are as follows:

Marion "Spike" Bowman (FBI Agent) - when Zacarias Moussaoui came under suspicion as a person of interest enrolled in an American flight school it was Bowman who found no probable cause to issue a FISA warrant thus keeping investigators from looking into Moussaoui's computer which arguably could have uncovered the 9-11 plot. When the likes of Sen. Charles Grassley says Bowman didn't deserve the Presidential Rank Award afforded, one has to wonder exactly what was Bowman told to do by superiors when field agents expressed real concern about a hijacking plot in the making. Maybe some day the administration will build a Stone Wall in Bowman's honor.

George Tenet (former head of the CIA) - not only did the 50 plus warnings about 9-11 get past Tenet, he ultimately convinced Bush that the weapons of mass destruction case against Saddam Hussein was a "slam dunk." Who could forget the assuring Tenet seated behind Colin Powell when the then Secretary of State made the WMD case to the UN, giving more credibility to a portfolio strong on graphics but rather flimsy on the facts? Upon leaving of his own accord Tenet was presented with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, although the Broken Time Piece would have been more appropriate, with which he'd be right at least twice a day.

L. Paul (Gerry) Bremer (former proconsul in Iraq) - another chartered member of the Presidential Medal of Freedom club, Bremer was brought in after the quick dismissal of Jay Garner to set in motion a number of policies that would smoothly pave the way for an Iraqi interim government. Among the more obvious Bremer failures are an Iraqi insurgency that picked up steam due to Bremer's inability to provide real security or any meaningful reconstruction, especially by not getting essential services like electricity, septic or water systems up and running. Bremer even went as far at one point to blame the Democrats for the deteriorating situation. Add in the billions of Iraqi dollars that came up missing and the widespread torture that took place, that he should have been aware of, and you have a prime candidate for the Humpty Dumpty Award in Nation Building.

Alberto Gonzales (Attorney General) - former counsel to Bush and crafter of memoranda that dismissed the Geneva Conventions as quaint and mucked up traditional definitions of torture directly leading to the lowest level of international esteem our once highly regarded nation now holds. Instead of becoming upwardly mobile Gonzales should have been named the Torquemada Fan Club's Man of the Year.

Condoleezza Rice (Secretary of State) - the former National Security Adviser under whose watch the worst terrorist attack on American soil occurred is a real mover and shaker in the Bush administration. She was put in charge of the Iraq occupation that went steadily down hill under her watch, with billions of dollars of US taxpayer money going unaccounted for or unspent which contributed to the ill will towards our troops. Condi would, though, qualify for the Fear Factor Academy Award for her talk of mushroom clouds and imminent attacks which helped the administration bring to market the Iraq War product line.

Paul Wolfowitz (head of The World Bank) - this former Under Secretary of Defense, and neo-conservative extraordinaire, was the mastermind of shock and awe democracy. He used to regale us with tales of welcoming Iraqis and a war that would be self funded by Iraqi oil. When he nearly bought the farm on his last trip to Iraq he quickly scurried off to accept his Chickenhawk Little Medal, along with a plum new position where he can work more of his magic on third world countries.

John Bolton (Under Secretary of State for Arms Control) - it must be something about the title "Under Secretary" that screams "Screw Up." The only real threat to America from the Axis of Evil has literally "gone nuclear" on us following Bolton's continual insults and goading. Now that North Korea is cranking out nukes at a frightening pace it is no wonder that Bolton is up for an ambassadorship, and to the UN of all places. Could the plan be to get all nations to go nuclear so as to promote world balance? If approved, then Bolton will surely gather up the Bull in the China Shop Award for the fifth year running.

With the above as only an overview of incompetence, and being a partial list of those who moved on to bigger and better things following gross failures, there is little room for hope as the players continue to rack up awards and change positions while in the midst of a long losing streak.

YT Cai


Goldman Sachs is outsourcing their work to INDIA

This firm just can't stay out of trouble and can't function ethically. They too are outsourcing their work. I know one day all of this will catch up with them.

Very Little Cash
Tempcity (tm) Temp Agency NYC New York City Temp Agencies: Major Clients and Employers in NYC: Investment Banking: Goldman Sachs: Very Little Cash
By Admin (Admin) on Thursday, January 3, 2002 - 11:52 am: Edit Post
There is a certain temp agency sending people to Goldman that pays very little money, like $19.00/hr for second shift. This is the agency that sent me to Goldman. I had some very exciting projects at Goldman, but I never made any money there. And since I was not at Goldman so that I could tell people that I was at Goldman, I left for more money elsewhere.

By Anonymous on Tuesday, March 9, 2004 - 1:17 am: Edit Post
FYI - Goldman's NYC office WP is officially being outsourced. Bowne came in last week (3/2004) and started the process. This is after they outsourced (to Bowne) last June, the production department. Also, Bowne owns a company that has offices in India - so the outsourcing it seems will continue off shore.... GS itself has an office in India where they are outsourcing other work.

JPMorganChase is Outsourcing and Kicking out "Senior Temps"

For more nausea, please read what dear darling JPMorganChase is up to...they are also outsourcing their production work to Mumbai INDIA. This outsourcing is just killing us. The Investment Banks and Consulting Firms ARE IN HORRIBLE SHAPE. Enclosed is the URL and the posts.

Kick out the temps
Tempcity (tm) Temp Agency NYC New York City Temp Agencies: Major Clients and Employers in NYC: Investment Banking: JP Morgan Chase: Kick out the temps
By Anonymous on Sunday, February 6, 2005 - 2:40 am: Edit Post
JP Morgan has recently instituted a policy that after a temp has worked in the presentation center for 1500 hours they must be laid off. They can come back after 12 weeks. This follows the recent merger with BankOne. The New York Presentation and Production Services department (277 Park Ave) has about two hundred workers (full, and part-time), about 75% temps. Tiger is by far the biggest agency, and actually has an employee stationed in the bank. One of the managers of the center is a former Tiger on-site employee. Also JPM added an extra hour (unpaid!) to the perms day, meaning they're there for nine hours now instead of eight. This is hands-down the worst-managed center in my 20 years experience temping in investment banks and law firms. Morale is really bad, and is getting worse by the day. I wonder if JPM is telling new temps about the mandatory lay-off policy? There is a steady stream of applicants coming in for interviews, so if you're thinking of working as a temp presentation operator at JPMorgan...beware.

By Anonymous on Monday, May 9, 2005 - 12:38 am: Edit Post
An update from an ex-temp in the presentation/production center at jpm. It's now May and most of the senior temps are gone. They actually hired a few people since they couldn't run the place with the few perms that are left. They've implemented "Mumbai" which is sending edit jobs to India and when I look around, there are maybe 7 or 8 people in a room of maybe 35 work stations. Most of them are there to take in the jobs and send on to India... This department is turning into a ghost town...

Horrible Temp Agency: Taylor Hodson in NYC

This came from a reader who had a terrible experience with the recruiters. The temp agencies need to be regulated but they won't be until we get a Democratic administration in the WH and who will listen objectively.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Taylor Hodson has to be the WORST temp agency in the city. The recruiters are arrogant, incompetent and unprofessional. My friend had the same experience with them. They asked the same question several times and were very militant in their tone and the way they dealt with people. They use vague terms and have no regard for the job seekers. The temp agenices in NYC are awful.

Thank you for your blog and thank you for listening



We found a post on honation.com and wanted to share it with you.
You know, it means something when a temp agency tells you that they are not going to pay you and then invites you to sue them; it means that they are BAD news. The only way that I was able to get Taylor Hodson's attention was to tell them that if I did not get paid from them, that I would sue their client in small claims court for compensation. My impression of these people is that they are capable of doing and saying anything. And in New York City a company or individual who is capable of doing and saying anything is a danger to the public. I would never set foot in this agency, not unless I had the police with me, several witnesses and the whole thing was videotaped.

There is even a website that is claiming that some or all of these people are members of some kind of organization involved in a scandal in California. Cult News

Obviously, these people are giving someone work, but if you decide to use them you run the risk of working all week for shit rates and maybe not being paid at all (unless you sue their client for compensation). Do yourself a favor and try all of the other 3,000 temp agencies in New York City before going to Talyor Hodson

GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Elain Chao

Elaine Chao is one of the most HORRIBLE people in the Bush cabinet. (We miss Alexis Herman. She was competent and cared for the people in this country. I know she'll be the next Secretary of Labor when the Democrats take over!!!) Elaine Chao has no clue as to what she's doing, SHE'S SUCH A FAKE, she does nothing to protect the rights or advocate for the working people in this country and she should be prosecuted and sent to jail when the day comes that this administration is IMPEACHED.

Buzzflash has a website gophypocrites.com and I found a posting on her continued hypocrisy in terms of the American worker and the policies and practices of the Bush Regime.

Enclosed is the post and the URL. Have fun!!

Welcome back to the BuzzFlash.com GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
The slogan you'll find on the home page of our Secretary of Labor, Elaine Chao, would be enough -- in and of itself -- to make her our Hypocrite of the Week. It reads, "Getting people back to work is what this Department does. Giving people hope in their future is our job."

Yeah, right!

The Bush administration has the worst job creation record since Herbert Hoover, yet Chao marches on like some Soviet poster extolling a worker's paradise.

In addition to her cynical cliche duties, Chao is also another lackey shoveling the Bush daily pile of hypocrisy. For instance, this week, her department warned unions not to use pension funds to oppose Bush's social "insecurity" plans. The unions were also warned not to "hire or fire service providers primarily on the basis of their positions on Social Security legislation."
Are you finished laughing yet?

Here's an administration that used taxpayer money -- our money -- for more than 60 days to sell a plan designed to enrich stock and mutual fund brokers at the expense of American workers. The Busheviks have spent millions and millions of our dollars hiring public relations firms to sell their bait-and-switch S.S. poison bullet, including the public financing of illegal video news reports that are just more White House propaganda.

Bush's Press Secretary refuses to respond to inquiries about the amount of taxpayer funds that they are spending on their partisan initiative. But, if you include the travel costs of Bush and his minions and the event expenses, we are probably talking well over $100 million in total costs. And, we repeat, that's our money -- yours and mine.

So for Chao to tell the unions to watch their step about how they spend the money earned by workers concerned about their own retirement, well that's enough to make you barf.
And for that reason, we present Elaine Chao as the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week.
Until next week, remember our motto at BuzzFlash.com: So many Republican hypocrites, so little time.

Catch up with you soon.

Executive From Hell: Aaron Marcus from Goldman Sachs

Here's yet ANOTHER jerk executive from Goldman Sachs. Inside the firm, they truly believe that they are the most ELITE people on the planet when in fact that it just not true. It's going to take all of Elliot Spitzer's office to fine them and keep them held up in court forever for them to get the message that their behavior and the way they conduct themselves IS NOT going to be acceptable.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Aaron Marcus has got to be the most ARROGANT AND VICIOUS person I have ever worked for. He is absolutely HATED by his staff and the people that work around him. He has female employees and calls them by their last name. He interviews people when it's not his job to do so. He creates unbelievable amounts of employee relation issues and Goldman keeps rewarding him for his HORRIBLE behavior. It's like living in the White House, incompetence and arrogance is rewarded and the good people are made miserable. Aaron calls other executives and forces the secretaries to get their bosses off the phone so he can talk to them when in fact, THEIR ON THE OTHER LINE TALKING. That's how arrogant and full of himself he is. The whole culture inside of Goldman WREAKS of arrogant people who have NO SENSE OF REALITY. All you have to do is look at how the Bush administration functions, their baggage and the issues that are existant and the same issues are happening in Corporate America.

This place is INSANE

Thank you for this blog and thank you for listening.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Housing Bubble, Pseudo-Recovery, & Cheap Labor Lobby

I found this on democraticunderground. This is a fellow blogger discussing the economy, jobs, and the housing market. He's a physician by training and has become an economist....you kind of have to in order to understand CuckooBananas' economy. Enjoy!!!!


unlawflcombatnt (25 posts)
Sat May-28-05 06:43 PMOriginal message
Housing Bubble, Pseudo-Recovery, & Cheap Labor Lobby


The consumer income and demand that provided the "recovery" from the recession came from increased consumer borrowing, not increased income. This was the direct product of the Greenspan-induced housing bubble. By decreasing the prime rate, he increased the dollar-value of a home that could be purchased with the same amount of money. More money could be spent on the actual selling price of the home, if less was spent on financing charges. Again, this increased the price of homes that buyers could purchase, as well as the number of buyers who could purchase homes. In turn, this increased the DEMAND for homes, which further increased the overall price of homes. This demand increase also increased assessed home values, increasing home equity value. Thus, there was an overall increase in aggregate, nationwide home equity value. This increased the amount of money available for home equity loans. This increase in money available for loans also increased money available to spend. Thus, consumers were able to increase spending, while incomes decreased.

This increase in spendable consumer wealth provided the demand necessary to keep American industry from completely collapsing. Consumers were able to spend more, in spite of declining wages. Had more attention been paid to increasing wages, and less to stimulating unnecessary investment, consumer income might have recovered. It might have recovered enough to offset the huge reduction in demand that will occur when the housing bubble bursts. Unfortunately, corporate profits and inflated equity values were the emphasis of the Bush administration, not consumer income. The inflation-adjusted wage decline has continued unabated under Bush.

Bush's labor-cost reduction policies have actually worsened the consumer income loss.The "cheap labor lobby" has succeeded in greatly reducing aggregate consumer income. They have taken advantage of simple supply-and-demand laws regarding labor. By increasing labor supply, they reduce the price of labor. By reducing labor demand, they further reduce the price of labor. Reduced "price" of labor means reduction in wages for American workers.

The "cheap labor lobby" has reduced American wages by increasing the supply of available workers and reducing the creation of jobs. This has been done by 2 general methods. The 1st method is the encouragement of unrestricted inflow of impoverished workers into the U.S. This increases the labor supply, decreasing labor cost. (There are simply more workers competing for the same number of jobs, driving wages downward.) This decreases average individual wages, as well as aggregate labor and consumer income.

The 2nd method has been OUTSOURCING. The effect of outsourcing is to open up the American labor market to competition with impoverished 3rd-world workers. American workers must now compete globally for wages with semi-slave labor in impoverished foreign countries. American labor has already lost many jobs to foreign competition. Thus, the DEMAND for American labor has also been reduced, due to the shipment of jobs out of the country. (Decreased demand for labor decreases the "price" of labor, which means American wages.) The effect of outsourcing is to decrease the number of jobs, as well as the average wage of those who have jobs. This results in decreased aggregate consumer income, causing decreased demand for American goods, and decreased demand for workers to produce goods.

The "cheap labor lobby" has thus decreased aggregate consumer income by increasing immigration and outsourcing. They have reduced labor demand, and increased labor supply. They have opened up the American labor market to competition with foreign workers. There is NO long-term benefit to ANYONE from such policy. It does not help American industry in the long-run, nor does it help American workers. Corporate America is taking short-term profit gains at the expense of a long-term consumer market decline.

This does not help foreign workers in the long-run, either. Their minuscule wage gains do not make up for the massive American wage losses. This trade-off results in an aggregate reduction in global consumer income, and global demand for production. This, in turn, results in a global reduction in labor demand. The end result is a REDUCTION in global wages, not an increase.

American labor income is not only essential to American domestic consumer demand, it is essential to global consumer demand. Many foreign economies will be hurt if their ability to export to the US declines. And this ability WILL decline if American income is insufficient to purchase their products.

The American consumer market is THE major consumer market of the world. Declining aggregate American income will reduce this market. It will reduce both the American consumer market, and the global consumer market. Bush's "cheap labor" policies are accelerating this reduction. When the "borrowing" bubble collapses, so will the consumer market. It's only a matter of time.




Investment does NOT create jobs. It only "allows" for their creation. Increased Demand for goods creates jobs, because it necessitates hiring of workers to produce more goods. Investment "permits" job growth. Demand necessitates it.

Building a factory does NOT create jobs. Demand for factory production creates jobs. Goods are not produced if there is no demand for them. Without demand for goods, there is no demand for workers to produce them. Without demand, no amount of investment creates jobs.

http://www.unlawflcombatnt.blogspot.com/ / Investment does NOT create jobs. It only "allows" for their creation. Increased Demand for goods creates jobs, because it necessitates hiring of workers to produce more goods. Investment "permits" job growth. Demand necessitates it.

Another Corporate Offender of Paying People TOO LOW

Another reader has caught another company trying to pay to low. When will this end???

Post by blog reader
Here's another loser of a job
www.craigslist.org/sfc/mar/75749501.html Look here guys, you may have another "brilliant" idea - another job board and you are going to pay between $10 and $15 an hour for marketing help for four months worth of work... You are so kind as to let ppl work from home, but then make ppl commute to San Francisco and Palo Alto as well and make them do all that work?

Maybe it's me but that seems like a hell of a lot of work for not much of a reward... When will these employers get a friggin' clue and realize that you can't just pay crap and hope that decent employees will come out of the woodwork and apply...

Hell, I have 8 years of Marketing and over 10 years of high tech experience, I could help these guys and promote them like they are the next Google or Yahoo, but for $15 an hour, are they crazy?

Then they want to be "cute" and say "oh, and post a name of a CAD package on the subject line in your e-Mail"... sorry kids, but we don't really care about typing in "Cadence" or "AutoCAD" or whatever you want in the damn subject line... Get a clue... (shaking head)...

Posting by Employer
BuzzMaker! - PR/Copywriter for Niche Job Boards (castro / upper market)
Reply to: mailto:jobs@OPENtalent.com?subject=BuzzMaker%21%20%2d%20PR%2fCopywriter%20for%20Niche%20Job%20Boards%20%20%28castro%20%2f%20upper%20market%29Date: 2005-05-28, 11:25AM PDTWant to come into a startup and make a big impact? OPENtalent is the latest spin-off of Speck Product Design and Speck Products (the makers of iGuy). OPENtalent specializes in niche, full power Open Source Job Boards, where there are no fees for posting jobs and searching resumes (think Craigslist on steroids with absolutely no fees and in specific industries). We are looking for a BuzzMaker to help get the first boards on the map. Our first Job Boards are soon to be released and are focused on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) arena. As a BuzzMaker you will be responsible for refining media lists, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), jumping on discussion boards, organizing viral campaigns, direct mail efforts, exploring opportunities in print and electronic magazines, generating PR and many other ideas we have and many more that we have yet to uncover. As a BuzzMaker, you will help shape the public awareness and image of the company. As we are a small and growing company, we wear many hats. This position would also involve some sales support, marketing list generation, and general administration.

The ideal candidate should:
• Be passionate and excited about making measurable impact and changing an industry
• Be organized and detailed oriented
• Be a self-starter and comfortable working on their own
• Experience in the following is a plus: --> PR - Knowing how to get the word out --> SEO - So we pop up high in internet searches --> Coding - To generate and manage mail lists
• Interest in the product design industry a plus, too!

This position is available immediately, is approximately a 4-month term (subject to negotiation) and you will be working with me (Tony), one of the owners. Most of the work can be done from your home, some will be done in San Francisco and occasional travel to our office in Palo Alto will be required. Please send your resume, a short cover letter to the address below and be sure to include one CAD package in the subject line of the e-mail. You don't have to know one offhand, but you should be able to find one pretty easily on the web..... I hope. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Compensation: $10-$15/hr
Hiring Organization: OPENtalent, Inc.

Blog reader PUSHES BACK ON CORPORATE AMERICA: Email to companies that lowball

This is an email that we got from someone who wrote a note to an employer who posted an ad on craigslist.com. This employer wants to pay $10.00 AN HOUR!!! How much more pathetic does it get??? I've enclosed the post and the job posting by the employer.

Post on craigslist.com
Email to companies that lowball
The last 5 years, I've read and heard enough from friends, and experienced myself how hiring managers want to pay sweatshop rate but want to find the "best fit" - well qualified workers who're willing to be lowballed and work like a dog. It really makes me sick. Anyway, I just emailed to the address on the above ad and gave them my thoughts. (I used "pathetic", "lowballing" and "bad reputation"...) On second thought, giving feedback to those HR rep is probably useless.... I was thinking those of us who feel strongly about this offensive employment practice should write to their CEO and VP of HR. Your thoughts?

Post by employer
Data Analysis Specialist (mountain view)
Reply to: jobs@trovix.comDate: 2005-05-26, 4:58PM PDTPart time or Full time Temporary position (Summer) Trovix, Inc. is developing next generation search agent technology, initially being used to help companies recruit the best talent available.

Trovix technologies are based on many years of research and development at MIT. We are backed by top-tier venture capital firms and Stanford University Specific experience is not required but we are looking for a bright, computer literate, quick learner to work in our fast paced software startup company.

You must be comfortable working within an environment of highly educated and motivated individuals. We will provide the specific training necessary to accomplish the tasks required of this position. We are an innovative company with a fun, team-oriented environment.

This position will report into the Quality Assurance department and will be primarily focused on helping to build test cases and improve the quality of the Trovix Recruit application.

Job Role: • Work with internal engineers and staff to help create a master knowledgebase of industry terms. • Work on developing a set of candidate test data to run automated regression tests against in order to ensure high quality product releases • Using information provided, manually create test case data sets for candidate resumes and job descriptions • Evaluate and review candidate resumes to help identify software product problems and improve overall search result quality Location: • Mountain View • Shuttle’s are available from local CalTrain / Light rail train stations
Compensation: $10 per hour (plus productivity bonuses)
This is a part-time job.

Open Thread

It's ready to rain in Chicago. Let's hope things improve for the week. What's new in the world?

America's Favorite Slick & Slimey Vice Presidential Employee: Dick Cheney's Unauthorized Bio..Courtesy of Canada's CBC

I found this on DailyKos.com. It's the unauthorized biography of Dick Cheney. Enclosed is the post from DailyKos and a link to the article. The material in his bio is MINDBLOWING!!

Devastating Cheney doco viewable online!by HollywoodOz
[Subscribe]Sat May 28th, 2005 at 22:40:15 CSTCanada's CBC puts together some of the best documentary journalism you're ever likely to see, and they just showed what is, in my eyes, the most devastating, clear, concise, irrefutable expose on Dick Cheney that you will ever see. This is the kind of doco that even a red-blooded red stater would have trouble walking away from without changing their next vote, and I compel you to spend the next 42 minutes of your life taking it in for yourself. Diaries :: HollywoodOz's diary :: :: Trackback ::

Sy Hersh is interviewed, Joe Wilson, James Woolsey, former aides, former federal agents, and it covers everything from Cheney's DUI arrest to the proof that he still gets paid by Halliburton. The doco originally aired just before the last Presidential election, but having just seen it now and noticing that it's viewable online, I felt I just had to diary the thing. Watch it, send it to your friends, sit your red state relatives down in front of it, get the word out there.

Dick Cheney: An unauthorized biography

The Work Going on in Iraq, From the Chicago Tribune:Riding on the Baghdad Express

This was taken from the Chicago Tribune. Enclosed is the URL. There's alot of good work going in Iraq. This war was WRONG but we support the people who are there doing an outstanding job and putting their life on the line everyday.

We salute you and appreciate your hard work and effort.
Riding on the Baghdad Express
By Karen Ann Cullotta
freelance writer and journalism teacher at Roosevelt University
Published May 29, 2005

Half a building,half a car,half a road,half a dog,half a man,half the speed,half the way there.We came throughBaghdad on a roadcalled Sword. "As the sun fell into the smoke and thefull moon rose,we entered Taji."

In many ways, Michael Vivirito is a fortunate son. His father, a dentist, provided well for the family: a luxury home in an affluent Chicago suburb, private schools for the kids. A childhood graced by the quiet comforts of upper-middle-class suburbia.

But at the age of 22, bored with academia and searching for a purpose, Vivirito veered off the privileged path, dropping out of college and taking a road less traveled by his friends from Inverness.

Today, Army Spec. Michael Vivirito is a soldier, a truck driver canvassing a desert route known as the Baghdad Express.

"After driving through central Baghdad at 6 p.m., yes, they also have a rush hour, on the worst road here, we arrived on the western side of Taji. Car bombs all over Baghdad, the whole city was on fire."

In a recent phone conversation from a base in Kuwait, Vivirito, 29, acknowledged that his joining the Illinois National Guard in 1998 was "a whimsical decision."

"I saw an [Army] ad in a newspaper I was reading at a coffee shop downtown," he said. "I remember thinking, why not?"

Vivirito is now facing the realities of an impulsive decision.

Like many reservists, Vivirito assumed that his eight-year contract with the military would involve six years with the National Guard, with the last two years designated as IRR--individual ready reserve.

Historically, the IRR was considered a "safe place" in the military for soldiers, who are classified as on inactive duty. But with the U.S. military's pressing need for troops for extended campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army announced last July that it would be forced to call up inactive IRR soldiers--Vivirito and 5,673 others.

While critics liken the decision to activate reservists as the new millennium's version of the draft, soldiers like Vivirito have no use for political rhetoric.

"Smoke rises all around as we come to a stop high above the city on a huge overpass ... stopped because of civilians marching down the street and an accident up ahead. Hard to breathe, hard to see, the flames are smothered out, but the smoke lingers on."

Earlier this month, Vivirito was optimistic that his blogs from Baghdad had reached a denouement. After serving a six-month tour in Iraq, on May 8 Vivirito signed the necessary paperwork to "clear with orders."

The honorable discharge would be granted due to "extraordinary family issues"--Vivirito's wife, Jessica, is expecting the couple's second child in August; their 2-year-old son, Charlie, is recovering from open-heart surgery.

Thus, with two of the three necessary documents approved by his company and battalion, Vivirito was hopeful that he would spend this Memorial Day in Ft. Dix, N.J., where he would complete the required "demobilization" process.

It would be the end of an unexpected detour for the young family, a tumultuous chapter of their lives that began on Aug. 5, 2004, when Jessica Vivirito reached inside the couple's mailbox and touched a stout, brown envelope.

The presidential orders arrived just a day after the couple had sold their townhouse, placing a $500 deposit on a four-bedroom colonial.

While the couple could count on Michael's receiving an income from the military, the paycheck would not match the salary he earned as a general manager for a South Side drywall distributor. After hearing of the couple's predicament, a sympathetic contractor tore up their check, and Jessica and Charlie moved in with her mother in Elk Grove Village.

For Jessica Vivirito, 29, the temporary relocation to her childhood home means returning to a hometown that is mourning the loss of four fallen soldiers in the past year.

In 2004, Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip Frank died in Iraq after being shot by a sniper. In February, Marine Cpl. John T. Olson died in Iraq in a truck bombing. Olson's classmate from Elk Grove High School, Army Spec. Adriana Salem, died in a March truck rollover. And in April, Air Force Capt. James S. Cronin, another Elk Grove graduate, was killed in a plane crash in the mountains of Albania.

Still, despite the memorial services honoring the fallen and the support she receives from her friends and family, Jessica says she feels oddly out of place, a stranger in her own hometown.

"I never pictured myself being a military wife," she says. "Everyone has ribbons on their cars, but unless you have been personally touched by this war, you don't understand."

For Jessica, keeping in touch with Michael during his tour in Iraq has been easier than expected, bolstered by frequent phone calls, e-mails and his online journal. Yet the enhanced technology has proven bittersweet.

Stories from the front, which veterans of past wars carefully recorded in handwritten letters mailed to loved ones back home, are now delivered faster than you can lick a stamp.

"I'm OK when I know he's still at the base in Kuwait," says Jessica, "but the minute I learn he's out on the truck, driving to Baghdad, it's terrible. The violence there is so random."

"Half a building, half a car, half a road, half a dog, half a man, half the speed, half the way there. We came through Baghdad on a road called Sword. As the sun fell into the smoke and the full moon rose, we entered Taji."

On Wednesday, Vivirito was back in Kuwait, driving straight through from Baghdad, the end of another mission. His family and friends are praying it will be his last, that the final piece of paperwork will arrive in Kuwait, ensuring the honorable discharge that will bring their soldier back home.

"It could take two days, two weeks or two months," said Vivirito, who recently broke the news of his imminent departure to six bunkmates, all of whom he considers "friends for life."

Vivirito's new friends from the military include Bobby Rogers, 60, who was drafted in 1966 to serve in Vietnam. After two tours of duty, Rogers returned home in 1969 and re-enlisted in the reserves.

Rogers, a grandfather, did a tour in Desert Storm in 1999 and last year he was among the IRR troops called up to serve in Iraq--a lifelong military man from Virginia who counts among his best friends a dentist's son from Inverness.

"When I was called up, I was devastated. ... I didn't want to be a part of it," Vivirito said. "But when the war began, part of me said, I should be there fighting. I'm a member of the U.S. Army.

"All it took for me to know I should be here was driving up north to Baghdad once," he added. "There were hundreds of children at the side of the road, their hands up to their mouths, begging for food. Some were not able to walk, and I thought they were injured. When we got closer, I could see they were not even as old as Charlie. They were just babies."

"On the other end of camp is another graveyard. Only this one is not for people. Thousands of tanks fill this side of camp. Russian made, American made, and Iraqi made. All seized in the last two years and lined up here to slowly deteriorate. We are here, we are alive, despite the ones we saw on the road coming here. We are waiting to leave and make the thirty-mile trek through the city once again. Tonight we go south."

Saturday, May 28, 2005

John Dee Kelly of JPMorganChase BUSTED by Plain Clothes FEMALE Police Officer for Attempted Sexual Assault & Lewdness

(What else is new over there!!!!)
These are the terrible types of employees and people that the Banks are hiring and retaining. It really makes you wonder about their recruiting and the people that are conducting the selection process. The banks are incompetent and CLEARLY haven't learned how to recruit people. This idiot picked the WRONG plain clothesed off duty FEMALE police officer to go after.


He's busted - in a flash!Condom-wearing man nabbed by jogging female cop

John Dee Kelly-->A Manhattan banker wearing only a condom ambushed a female jogger on the Jersey Shore - but had to scram when she turned out to be a cop, prosecutors said yesterday. The officer threatened to blast 39-year-old John Dee Kelly with pepper spray and later got the plate number off his rented car, enabling cops to track the suspect down."He picked the wrong person to attack," said Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Robert Honecker.

"This was a quick-thinking officer."Kelly, who lives in Jersey City, rented a car from Hertz at Newark Airport on May 15 and drove to Union Beach, N.J., where he stripped down to his condom and laid in wait in the woods near a jogging trail, police said.Around 1:30 p.m., Kelly allegedly pounced on the jogger but quickly found himself facing off with a furious female officer, police said.

Kelly quickly retrieved his shorts and shirt and ran to his rented car, where he draped the shirt over the back plate to elude his pursuer, police said. But the officer stripped the shirt off the tag as Kelly was peeling out, police said.Now investigators are checking whether Kelly, who travels the country balancing the books and selling services to JPMorgan Chase bank's corporate customers, was involved in other attacks."We've determined that over the last 27 months he's rented cars from Hertz at 18 different cities," Honecker said. "We've provided information to those jurisdictions to see if there have been similar incidents, and we've had a number of agencies contact us."

Honecker did not identify the female officer, who is in her 30s, or the department she works for. He said she was not injured in the alleged attack.Kelly surrendered to Union Beach, N.J., police 11 days later and was identified by the officer in a six-man lineup. He pleaded not guilty yesterday to attempted sexual assault and lewdness charges and was being held in the county jail in lieu of $202,500 bail.

JPMorgan Chase officials declined to comment on Kelly.Honecker said he believed Kelly was a vice president at the bank. Bank sources described him as midlevel sales executive in the Treasury and Securities Services unit.Originally hired by Bank One about five years ago, Kelly became part of JPMorgan Chase when the two banks merged, the sources said.

A worker at the Liberty Towers, a luxury building on Jersey City's Gold Coast, said Kelly lived alone and commuted to work "by limo.

"Two detectives from Union Beach came looking for Kelly on Tuesday, the worker said. "They had a picture of him but he wasn't home," he said.Kelly surfaced after the cops split and told the worker that their investigation "was squashed.""He said he had cleared it up," he said. "He said if the police come back, to call him."

PURE DISCRIMINATION: Pls send picture..how much more racist does it get than this????

This is how pathetic the recruiting has become on this country. When you read the end of this job posting, you'll vomit and pass out!!

Matchmaking Agency Recruiter
Reply to: employment@vxopartners.comDate: 2005-05-27, 6:22PM EDTRecruiter position available for exclusive private search/matchmaking agency in New York (Manhattan area) We are looking for an extremely outgoing, fearless and energetic individual with great people skills and who knows how to source the kind of men we are looking for. We are looking for attractive, successful, relationship minded guys 21-40. We are in the business of matching successful gay men to other gay men who are seeking a LTR. The position may require attendance at upscale parties, social or charitable functions and gay nightclubs on an as needed basis. You will initiate contact with prospective matches. We anticipate one night a week (you must be available on weeknights or weekends). Transportation, cell phone, computer required (for paperwork). Hourly plus bonus for each qualified individual recruited. To learn more about VXO Partners, visit our website at http://vxopartners.com No phone calls please. Make sure to send your resume with subject line: ATTENTION: NYC RECRUITER with [optional picture in jpg format] to: employment@vxopartners.com Thank you for your interest!
Job location is Manhattan

Compensation: Hourly plus bonus
This is a part-time job.
no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
no -- Please, no phone calls about this job!
no -- Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
no -- Reposting this message elsewhere is NOT OK.

What to do in this job market????

This is a letter from an undergrad and talks about dealing with the employers in this job market which also touches the subject of test taking.

what now?
I recently graduated from college with a BBA bachelor of business administration....in of all things entrepreneurship. i can't find a job anywhere i got an "interview" for a sales job but the company makes you take these online assessment tests and my results came back and they were completely opposite of what they wanted in a sales person. so scratch sales off, but i was offered to take another test for customer service. im going in to take the customer service test because i need a job bad, but I feel like im more than someone who works in customer service. what kind of advancement can someone have working in customer service?

NY Times Article: The New Profile of the Long-Term Unemployed

This is an article that was found on nytimes.com. I'll enclose the URL. Registration is required to read it.


After three years of unemployment, Allen Gruenhut finally landed a job as director of human resources for a company in the stone business on Long Island. His age, 53, worked against him in his long hunt for work, he contends, and so did the six-figure salary he earned at his last job, in banking.

Allen Gruenhut of Long Island was out of work for three years after losing his job as a senior vice president for human resources at a bank.

"They would not take me seriously at job interviews when I said I would be happy with a lower salary," Mr. Gruenhut said.

Jackie Ellenwood, 31, is still without a job. She worked for three travel agencies over 13 years, until her last job, in Allen Park, Mich., ended in a layoff nine months ago. The industry is shrinking in response to more Internet bookings and cutbacks in corporate travel so Ms. Ellenwood is looking for work elsewhere and studying to become a nurse, confident that health care will continue to expand in an aging America.

"I'm going to stick to my nursing courses," Ms. Ellenwood said, "even if I get a job."
The experiences of Mr. Gruenhut and Ms. Ellenwood help to explain why many of the nation's unemployed are still struggling to get back to work. Not since World War II has long-term joblessness - the percentage of the unemployed out of work for six months or more - been so high for so long after a recession has ended.

The current trouble falls most heavily on people trapped by the shifting sands of the economy. Today, the unemployment rate is relatively low at 5.2 percent and overall hiring has started to pick up again, particularly for younger workers coming out of college and professional schools. But the presence of middle-aged women and better educated white-collar workers among the long-term unemployed has increased.

"There are just not new jobs being created in the things these people did before," said Andrew Stettner, a policy analyst at the National Employment Law Project and co-author of a study of long-term unemployment. "We are firing fewer people than we did in 2001 and 2002, but we are not hiring many people either, and that cuts off the exit route out of unemployment."

At the same time, the incidence of long-term unemployment among the usual victims of earlier eras - less educated blue-collar workers who often lost their jobs in production cutbacks - has fallen.

Several factors seem to be contributing to the rise in long-term unemployment. The swelling cost of company-paid health insurance is "inducing business to be less aggressive in its hiring," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Economy.com, a research group based outside Philadelphia.
The baby boomer bulge working its way through the labor force also plays a role; as this large group of workers ages it becomes harder for some who lose their jobs to find new work suited to their skills. And the bursting of the high-tech bubble stranded thousands of workers who are finding it difficult to shift quickly to other fields.

While job creation has accelerated lately, to an average of 240,000 additional jobs a month since February, it remains well below the pace of previous recoveries.

"It looks like employers are very hesitant about the future of the economy," said Lawrence F. Katz, a labor economist at Harvard. "It may be that we will fall into another weak economic period before we get a good recovery and really robust hiring."

After World War II, when traditional industries dominated the economy, the usual pattern was for long-term unemployment to surge during recessions and die away quickly as recoveries took hold. That changed during the early 1990's and is even more evident in the current recovery, which began in November 2001.

Rather than subside as growth resumed, long-term unemployment as a share of total joblessness continued to rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It peaked 17 months ago at 23.3 percent and has only gradually tapered off since then, to 21.2 percent in April.
Structural changes in the economy and productivity improvements, reflecting the ability of companies to achieve higher output with fewer or the same number of workers, mean that even growing businesses no longer need to dip as much into the pool of displaced workers.
For example, Toyota Motors of North America, whose sales are rising more rapidly than other automakers in the United States, is holding back on hiring although its plants are operating flat-out. Its payroll, said Dennis Cuneo, a senior vice president, has grown by only 600 jobs this year - all of them at newly opened plants - to a total of just over 32,000 employees Existing factories continue on two shifts a day. Overtime and reconfigured work schedules help to squeeze out more production, without adding third shifts and the hiring that the additional shifts would require.

"We are reluctant to bring people on immediately," Mr. Cuneo said. "We are going to wait and see what we can still get from improvements in productivity. If the demand is sustained, there will come a point where you have to add a shift."
Other concerns play a role in the reluctance to hire, which in addition to driving up the long-term unemployment rate, drives down the number of people willing to actively seek a job and thus participate in the labor force. Sixty-six percent of the working age population was in the labor force in April, down from 66.7 percent at the start of the recovery. That is 1.6 million missing people, enough to raise the unemployment rate to 6.2 percent from its present 5.2 percent - if they all showed up.

Many of those who have stayed in the labor force, seeking work, may be people who were laid off for a long time before they were willing to accept a new job that pays less. Employers, on the other hand, are reluctant to hire those who once earned a higher salary. The fear is they will shift to better jobs at the first opportunity.

That is the story of Mr. Gruenhut, who earned a six-figure salary as senior vice president for human resources at Crédit Agricole Indosuez in New York, until his job there ended in 2002.
In subsequent job interviews, Mr. Gruenhut said: "They thought that even though I said I would be happy with a lower salary, I would be out the door as soon as there was an uptick in the job market. That happened at least a dozen times. I couldn't convince them."
Mr. Gruenhut, who has an M.B.A. from New York University and lives in East Meadow, spent 30 years in banking. But the "implosion in financial services," as he puts it, dried up jobs, forcing him to look elsewhere. As he branched out, his age worked against him. "I did not get face time for plum jobs," he said. And when he did get interviews, his weight sometimes worked against him.

Finally, an acquaintance told him about an opening for a chief of human resources at the Innovative Companies, which is based in Hauppauge and sells marble and granite for construction. He clicked with the chief executive, Mr. Gruenhut said, and he went to work at a six-figure salary that was "considerably lower" than the one he had earned at Crédit Agricole. By that time, he had lost 46 pounds, to just under 200.

"If you think about it," Mr. Gruenhut said, "if you have age and over-weight and silver hair, which people were telling me to dye, those are blockades to landing the job that you want."
Ms. Ellenwood had none of these issues, nor Mr. Gruenhut's education. Right after graduating from high school, in 1992, she went to work for a travel agency, booking hotel reservations and airline tickets for corporate clients. By the time she lost her most recent job, at GET Travel last August, she was earning $670 a week. She spent months trying to land similar work at another agency without success.

"Until the spring of 2004," she said, "we were very busy. It was really stressful, call after call, and then the calls went down to pretty much nothing. We would sit in the office for an hour or two without the phone ringing."

Her unemployment benefits ran out after six months, but she is living in Dearborn with her fiancé, an employed engineer, and that has given her the means to pursue a nursing degree at a community college. While she studies, she hunts for work.

"My bottom line is that I don't want to work in fast food," she said. But even that vow could be broken, she added, if that is finally necessary "to pay the bills."

Work Place Environment: What's happening on the ground

This is an email and tells a story of the incompetence and ridiculous work conditions that exist.

Should I look for a new job?
I was laid off in January, but found a new job in April. I quit there after 2 weeks for what I thought was my "dream job". My new "dream job" is actually very good experience and I am making great contacts. However, it is a high pressure sales job, and I don't think I'm cut out for it. I work 10-12 hours everyday (with a 10 minute break for lunch) and my boss takes micro managing to the extreme. I cry in the bathroom at work at least 3x a week, and every night I dream about my problems at work. Should I stick it out for the experience or look for another job?

Friday, May 27, 2005

Pure Discrimination in Hiring Process: Indian mathematicians: multiple regression/discriminant analysis

This is a post we found on Craigslist.com. THIS IS PURE DISCRIMINATION

www.craigslist.org > peninsula > finance jobs > Indian mathematicians: multiple regression/discriminant analysislast modified: Wed, 25 May 13:57 PDT
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Indian mathematicians: multiple regression/discriminant analysis
Reply to: aksimpson@strategyis.comDate: 2005-05-25, 1:57PM PDTBay Area financial engineering boutique specializing in web-based dashboards for corporate finance decision making needs support for short term client project. Long term potential. Take credit ratios such as debt to equity, cash flow/assets, etc and build multiple regression or discriminant analysis solution to predict bond yields of select group of public companies. Ideally a non-linear equation. 10 hours work. We want to start a relationship then build based upon results.
Compensation: To

Keeping the Incompetent and Unprofessional people employed: Creating a horrible work environment

This is a story about owners who aren't monitorinng the people they are keeping. This environment is filled with such incompetent and unprofessional people, that it's ripe conditions for a toxic and unproductive work environment.

General question about work
I work in the retail industry and in a very specific field. The people i work with are a very immature bunch. for example.. ex marine who still thinks hes in the military and has only been with the store for less than 3 months. still has to have the acceptance and approval attitude. a girl who wants people to do as she says not as she does.. somehow she got into the management level of things. loves to argue about everything and of course is always right,even when wrong. she will even argue with the employees when were busy with customers. she has seniority over about 2 people and 1 that is part time out of 9. very arrogant. when these two people are gone at the same time, its a nice place to work. I am probly the oldest there and the most mature (IMO) I dont know but this seems to be a problem and the owners for some reason dont want to address the problem. or is the problem with me?

Discrimination by Human Resources: Immigration Status issue

Well, the INCOMPETENT hr people have done it again. I don't know how much more close to discrimination a person can come to. When I read this, it broke my heart. The HR profession has really sunk to a new low. This story shows how incompetent and unprofessional some of the HR people are.

Discrimination against the immigration status
I was devestated to learn yesterday that the job that was offered to me last week was taken back because Human resource department was not comfortable with my immigration status. I summitted valid working permit and legal documents of my immigration status and have my lawyer to contact HR and explaneded to them that I am legally allowed to work within United state. But the HR person refused to listen. I had gone to the hiring manager/direct supersisor to explain that the HR's decision was wrongful and unfair but the hiring manager decided to go with HR's sugguestion. I am devestated and extremely hurt by their decision. And I can't believe that this is happening to me...

Frustrated Job Seeker: Bushies Bad Job Market

This is what alot of people are feeling in this market...especially those with a graduate degree.

where else can I look?
I have been on the search for a job for months and have had very little luck. I am in Boston and just graduated with a Master's in Public Administration. Does anyone have suggestions as to where to look for jobs? i feel like there are many jobs out there that I am qualified for but that I am not looking in the right places. Help?

Job Seeker Email: Potential Employer is asking for RIDICULOUS requirements during the recruiting process

This is an example of employers who are TAKING ADVANTAGE of the job market and are showing how incompetent they are in the recruiting process in addition to their lack of professionalism. When is the insanity going to stop???????????????????????????

Need advice
I have just received a notice for a job and this is what they want me to bring to the interview:
1. 3 recent accomplishments written up
2. A copy of my 3 most recent performance evaluations.
3. a current copy of the organization's annual goals/objectives and work programs.
4. any other appropriate samples of work.
5. a list of 6 professional references.

Now, I have been a contractor working for a small real estate firm moving an old database over and doing support work. I don't have any performance evaluations. Also, I don't think I should provide the company's goals/objectives, as that is information that I feel should remain confidential to my client. I have been an IT Director back in 1998 and 1996 but that is pretty far back. Any advice? Should I just call the County (it's for a director of IT position) and tell them forget it? Thanks.

From a Job Seeker: Wasted my time on a Masters Degree

This is an email we received from a reader who echos the sentiment of ALOT of people who have received a post graduate education. Corporate America has really lashed out and excluded ALOT of educated and smart candidates who are articulate and bright.

Wasted time with a master's
I thought that having a master's would make me more marketable, but it's been a year since I have graduated and I am still without a job. What's the point of plucking down the money for school when all you end up with is more student loans?

EXECUTIVE FROM HELL: JPMorganChase Nick Utton CFO of Marketing

This is another letter that came to us from a reader who worked for Nick Utton who is a HERRENDOUS person.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I had the unfortunate experience of having to work for Nick Utton at JPMorganChase. I don't know where the bank found him but he can't even communicate verbally what tasks he needs done. People have to leave him voicemail to tell him what to say and what not to say at a meeting. He's not very bright emotionally and creates unbelievable employee relation issues. I'm writing this so no one else ever takes a job working for him. I have to pinch myself because I can't believe he's in a communication profession. It's sickening how people get their jobs and keep them. Thank you for this blog. It's a great service to the American people.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Corporate America and Agencies: More unprofessional and rude behavior towards job candidates

This is another email that discusses Corporate America's and the Agency Recruiters behavior towards the candidates during their jobhunt.

Recruiter not responding after phone interview
Here's the situation. I recently have a technical phone interview at a large software company. I was asked easy questions and it went really well. The recruiter told me previously that she expects feedback in a couple of days. Well, it's been a week, and she hasn't gotten back to me. I emailed her, and she said that the interviewer hasn't given her feedback, and didn't seem like she cared. I would like to work there, but don't want to sit around forever wondering if the interviewer is even still with the company. Any advice?

Crooked/Shady Recruiters STRIKE AGAIN

This is an email we received and wanted to share with you. Again, it demonstrates the type of recruiting that's happening in this company.

Strange Encounter
Recruiter calls me *after 7 pm* . tells me he is from a well known software co. already has my old resume. wants a new one for an immediate opening in the company. wants it right there and then. that's a bit odd since it is after hours. what's the rush? and why the late call? he also asked about my last employer and salary. while on the phone, i look up his number in the reverse directory. It is his home. He asks me to email my resume to his email address, which is @bigcompanyname.com .

I call the big company and ask the computerized voice attendant for him by saying his full name. He is not in their records. but the computer says I can record a message and have it delivered to his email. Is this a little odd ? Should I email this person my resume ? The manner of this call was not professional at all, esp. for a company like you-know-who.

Found on Craigslist.com: Attention all Employers

I found this on Craigslist.com and it's so true. Corporate America has no regard for the job seekers. AnitaP hit the nail on the head and echos what many job seekers have experienced in Bushies jobmarket.

Attention Employers!!!!! < AnitaP > 05/25 22:17:30
I like Craigslist Job Listings. BUT I find it unfortunate that so many employers will not identify themselves, but at the same time expect potential applicants to send ALL of their personal information to a Craigs List email account.

You may be a legitimate company, but there is no way that the applicant knows that. I will not send my resume unless the name of the company is provided. I send an email to the address provided and ask for the name of the company, but I have yet to ever get anyone to respond back....which tells me a lot about the company.

So the way that I see it, is that it is no loss to me. In this day an age I don't understand why an employer who has to take many precautions to protect it's business cannot understand that applicants have to submit many resumes before they get a job. And the applicant should at least know where this information is going.

For all I know is that these anoynomous companies could be gathering data for spam, fraud, telemarketing, and/or to sell. Please at least provide the name of your company....why are you hiding?

Unprepared Manager reads resume AT THE INTERVIEW vs BEFORE THE INTERVIEW

Now, anyone who's been properly trained and educated on how to interview KNOWS that you're supposed to review the person's resume BEFORE an interview. This email sums up what's happening inside of Corporate America in terms of their unprofessional and thoroughly rude behavior towards the candidates. When you read the resume before, you can put together questions that will help you delve for more information so you can choose the person. This is PURE INCOMPETENCE AND IDIOCY.

Interviewer read my resume in front of me
This manager (not the hiring manager) walked in and told me he had not read my resume as yet....he's one of 5 on the interview schedule sent to me 2 days ago. Is it cosidered rude, unprofessional and not taking the position I applied seriously?

Weird HR Woman: Email that exposes how INEXPERIENCED & UNPROFESSIONAL the HR people are.

Here's an email we received. This is HOW UNPROFESSIONAL THE HR PEOPLE ARE!!! This post clearly demonstrates how INEXPERIENCED this person was.

Dear America's Work Stories,

weird hr woman
a job was posted on a board today. I send my resume to the specified email. she writes back, telling me that the manager is out of the countery for one week... and by the way, how much do you make now ? how lame can these hr types get ?

Diageo's (Company that makes Bailey's Irish Cream) Executives are Nasty

This is a letter that came to us from someone who did some temp work for Diageo's Marketing Executives at a focus group. These Executives were traveling from the London and New York office.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I was doing some temp work while conducting my job search in this Bush economy. I was at Plaza Research in Rosemont, Illinois (don't ever hire them to do any focus groups for you) and Executives that were holding the focus group were rude, condescending and obnoxious. I have post graduate degree and have managed people before. I have never treated anyone the way theses Executives treated me. The focus group was about expanding their brand and they didn't realize that they were damaging it with their behavior. Corporate America is deaf and dumb to their behavior and actions towards others.

I will never again buy Bailey's Irish Cream.

Open Thread: What's happening??

Anything new?

Accuquote of Northbrook, IL is TAPING PHONE INTERVIEWS

Accuquote of Northbrook, Illinois is taping phone interviews of candidates during their phone screens. Now the CEO, Byron Udell WHO IS AN ATTORNEY (how do you like that for stupid and incompetent) is ALLOWING this practice to take place.

This is thoroughly unprofessional, an invasion of privacy and the reason the company gave was to bring the tape to the hiring manager so the manager doesn't have to take time out of their day to interview someone if they're not a good candidate. This is PURE LAZINESS.
Corporate America is getting away with horrible and unprofessional practices under the Bush Regime.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Guy Pidgeon CEO & Scott Buchner CFO of Animal Medical Center NYC: The C-Level Tyrants

Dr. Pidgeon CEO and Scott Buchner CFO are both on the "executive" level (of the childish typ) at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. We had an employee write in to tell us what their experience was like with these two. Again, this is another situation where there's no accountability in the work place and everyone is getting away with their innapropriate behavior towards their subordinates.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I'm writing to let you know about Dr. Guy Pidgeon and Scott Buchner at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. Dr. Pidgeon is the CEO and Scott is the CFO. Scott is SO ABUSIVE to his subordinates who are all older than he is. This is issue is not addressed and if he were to be working in another organization, they would not keep him as an employee. Dr. Piedgeon is neglecting his duty as an administrator and does not address these behavioral problems. Dr. Pidgeon is also very slimey to deal with. He's not very straightforward with people and trusts no one. His people skills are very low and so are his communication skills. How is it that these Executives keep their jobs??

Thank you so much for your time and thank you for this blog,

Open Thread

This is your chance to tell us what's happening!!!

OBITUARY FOR MEDIA WHO DON'T DO THEIR JOB: In Memoriam: the Television News Media (1950 - 2005).

I fell over ROARING LAUGHING when I read this on democraticunderground.com. The Main Stream Media has FAILED in their jobs miserably and are being paid to do nothing. Enclosed is the link and obituary. ENJOY!!!

In Memoriam: the Television News Media (1950 - 2005)
May 25, 2005

Obituary by Nancy Greggs

After a lengthy illness, the Television News Media (TNM) finally succumbed to a combination of lapses in professionalism and ethics, complicated by an obvious loss of the will to live.
Born in the early Fifties, the TNM grew from its infancy and developed as a strong, easily accessible news source for a constantly growing number of viewers, supported by the talents of informed investigative journalists.

During its frequently-troubled adolescent years, TNM found its voice and was often outspoken on the issues of the day, both domestic and international. Not afraid to criticize the government and its policies, TNM regularly investigated its own stories, and often took the initiative to look behind White House press releases and other suspect sources.
The TNM ventured, unafraid and uncensored, into coverage of events like Watergate, and was widely credited with turning the tide of public opinion against American involvement in Viet Nam by bringing the true horrors of war, as well as the lies being told about it, to the American public.

Upon hearing of TNM's untimely passing, childhood friends reminisced about their departed friend, who had earned the nickname "VP" (Vigilant Press) back in the halcyon days of early broadcasting.

"We started noticing the symptoms on Inauguration Day, January 2001," explained a long-time friend. "There were thousands of protesters lining the streets along Bush's route, but TNM was adamant in its refusal to show them. We should have realized then that something was terribly wrong. It seemed so out of keeping with the TNM we'd grown up with."

In the lead-up to the war in Iraq, it was obvious that TNM was in failing health. Stories generated by the White House about WMD, a connection to 9/11 and Al Qaeda affiliations aired without any questions being asked.

"Back in the day," observed a long-time TNM colleague, "a story as bogus as that would never have gotten past the cue-card writers – it was that full of holes."
By the time the 2004 presidential campaign was in full swing, TNM was out of control. Rumours about wild Swift Boat parties began circulating, and viewers were left to their own ingenuity to try to ferret out any real information.

"It seemed unable to focus," commented one angry viewer. "The whole time questions were being asked about Bush's military record, TNM was arguing about the legitimacy of everyone's sources. Fair enough. But it got so caught up in the minutia of who was saying what, the real story about Bush's whereabouts during his so-called military service was completely lost."
In the aftermath of the election, TNM began showing signs of forgetfulness. Although two months of investigation into vote fraud, in Ohio and elsewhere, were ongoing, TNM failed to even mention it.

"There was a time when a story like that would have been all over the airwaves," said a disgruntled former colleague. "But all TNM seemed to be interested in was Scott Peterson, and Brad and Jen breakin' up – whoever they are."

"I think TNM kind of rallied when the Valerie Plame and Abu Ghraib scandals surfaced," commented a more compassionate viewer. "You know, all that talk about getting to the bottom of things, and demanding answers – it was great while it lasted. For a minute there, it was almost like the old days. But there was never any follow-through, and – well, you know the rest."

By the spring of 2005, TNM had deteriorated to the point where it had to be hooked up to a TelePrompTer, apparently fed directly by the Administration, the right-wing, and corporate interests. Polls showed that a vast majority of viewers favoured pulling the plug.

Dementia had set in, and TNM started babbling incoherently about runaway brides and other nonsense, obviously unable to speak rationally about the economy, job outsourcing, soaring gas prices and the disastrous situation in Iraq.

"I think it was failure to cover the Downing Street Memo story that did it in," said a (former) devoted viewer. "It was like ol' TNM just didn’t have any fight left in him. That’s when we knew it was over," he added, too overcome by emotion to continue.

The White House has yet to issue any formal statement on TNM's passing, but spokesperson Scotty McClelland called the idea of the death of ethical journalism "absurd."
"You just have to look at the up-and-comers like Jeff Gannon to realize that honesty and integrity are flourishing in today's creative news-gathering environment."
While official autopsy findings have not been disclosed, it is widely acknowledged that TNM's illness was contagious, having already spread to the radio and print news media.

The deceased is survived by websites and blogs, who reluctantly took control of the family business when TNM proved too weak-minded to carry out its duties responsibly.
Memorial services will not be held, due to what is obviously a total lack of interest on anyone's part.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to appropriate websites.

Executive from Hell: Carol V. Pledger from Goldman Sachs NYC

This story comes to us from someone at Goldman Sachs in the NYC office and this person has had an opportunity to see this executive interact with the people and environment around her. The culture within Goldman is very vertical (meaning very top down) and very demanding. The people are RUDE and ARROGANT. The assistants who work for the heads of the departments are treated very poorly and are exposed to corruption and ill managed executives who are arrogant, egocentric and self centered people with no sense of reality and some have HERRENDOUS MORALS AND VALUES.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Carol V. Pledger is in the Human Resource Department in and is one of the worst HR Managers I've ever met in my life. Her reputation across the firm is HORRIBLE. She's incredibly insensitive and irresponsible with her words. She has all the characteristics of a murderer in terms of her behavior and words and her lack of ability to understand how they impact others. She makes statements that are uninformed from an HR perspective. It sounds, look, and feels like she hasn't had ANY psychology classes and is THOROUGHLY UNWARE OF HERSELF. She's not intouch with herself AT ALL. She lives in a fictional world and is tempermental and NASTY!!!! She has no concept of how she impacts other people. We also want to know how she's keeping her job with her incompetence and ongoing interpersonal and communication issues that she has with everyone? It feels like someone is helping her keep her job no matter how large her mistakes are or how many large mistakes she makes. The question is HOW IS SHE KEEPING HER JOB!!!!!! IT SMELLS VERY VERY FISHY!!!! She is rewarded for her horrible behavior and incompetence. This behavior should not be rewarded or allowed ESPECIALLY in an HR setting.

She is arrogant, RUDE, HAS NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE and has no concept how her actions impact other people. Her behavior and incompetence as an HR Manager is so disgusting that every time you call someone else in in the firm for Carol the response is "oh Carol Pledger..(ewwwww, groan )". Goldman Sachs is NOT holding their Executives responsible for their behavior and reward them for their arrogance and incompetence. Elliot Spitzer would have a field day in here with all the lawsuits. The culture and people are very retalitory, have no common sense and are arrogant like the White House.

Thank you Thank you for all of your time and for this blog. This allows the American people to share WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING inside the American workplace.

Really Disgusted

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

CuckooBananas Disconnect with the American People on Jobs & and the Workplace!

Below is an article that discusses Bushie's COMPLETE DISCONNECT with the American people and with the employement/unemployment/work place issues that exist in our country. I've also attached the URL for you to read the post on http://www.democraticunderground.com.


paineinthearse (1000+ posts)
Tue May-17-05 06:26 PMOriginal message
* demonstrates how detached he is from the plight of the average worker
Edited on Tue May-17-05 06:38 PM by paineinthearse
In heralding the statistically obvious fact that "more Americans are working today than ever in our nation's history," - http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/05/20050516.html - * suggested the economy has never performed better for all Americans.Yet a Gallup Poll reports that "fewer than 4 in 10 Americans (38%) say now is a good time to find a quality job, while the majority of adults nationwide, 59%, say it is a bad time." -

American Public Opinion About Unemployment and Jobs Tuesday, May 17, 2005by
Joseph Carroll
Good or Bad Time to Find a Job? Fewer than 4 in 10 Americans (38%) say now is a good time to find a quality job, while the majority of adults nationwide, 59%, say it is a bad time, according to a May 2-5 Gallup Poll. The percentage of Americans saying it is a good time to find a quality job has shown little fluctuation over the past several months -- averaging 38% in February, 37% in March, and 38% in April -- but is slightly higher than Gallup found in January, when 33% said it was a good time to find a quality job. Over the past several years, perceptions about the job market have been more negative than Gallup's current findings. In 2001, across four polls conducted from August through December, 28% of Americans, on average, said it was a good time to find a quality job. The yearly average declined two points in 2002, to 26%, and fell even further, to 21%, in 2003. Last year, the average increased to 32%.

Unemployment as the Most Important Problem - The May 2-5 poll finds that without prompting, 8% of Americans mention unemployment or jobs as the most important problem facing the country today. The top problems this month, according to Americans, are the situation in Iraq (21%) and the general state of the economy (12%), followed by Social Security (9%), fuel prices (8%), unemployment, and healthcare (7%). The number of people mentioning unemployment or jobs in response to this "most important problem" question has remained steady for the past four months, but was slightly higher, at 11%, in January. In recent years, the average number of mentions of unemployment on a yearly basis was 6% in 2001, 7% in 2002, 12% in 2003, and 14% in 2004. The perception that unemployment or jobs are the nation's top problem has been considerably higher historically. In 1945, at the close of World War II, 77% of Americans mentioned unemployment or jobs as the most important problem. In the mid-1980s and again in the early 1990s, there were points when roughly one in four Americans mentioned unemployment or jobs.

Financial Worries- Gallup's annual survey on the economy and personal finance, conducted April 4-7, asked Americans to specify their level of worry about seven financial issues. The results show that Americans are most worried about not having enough money for retirement (30% very worried and 30% somewhat worried) and not being able to pay medical costs caused by a major illness or accident (30% very and 22% somewhat worried). Next on the list for Americans is not being able to pay medical costs for normal healthcare (23% very and 19% somewhat worried), not being able to maintain their own standard of living (14% very and 27% somewhat worried), not having enough money to pay normal monthly bills (13% very and 17% somewhat worried), and not being able to pay rent, mortgage, or housing costs (10% very and 13% somewhat worried). At the bottom of the list is not being able to make the minimum payments on credit cards (7% very and 9% somewhat worried).

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Open Thread: Have you heard or seen anything???

Well, while the White House and Newsweek try and clean up this disaster they've created in the Muslim world AND NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT'S HAPPENING IN CORPORATE AMERICA, what do you hear and what do you know????????????

We know that there are stories out there!!! Have you heard or seen anything interesting???

Monday, May 16, 2005

You Know Your pResidency (or leadership role) is in Trouble When Homer Simpson Comments on Your Leadership Ability

I found a quote on http://www.democraticunderground.com about Baby Bushie's reign of terror (literally terror). When you're pResident, you know that your in trouble when Homer Simpson comes out and says this about you to the whole world.

Great Quote from the SimpsonsPosted by FinallyStartingToWinAdded to homepage Mon May 16th 2005, 09:50 AM ET
Homer, on bart getting expelled:"and if you get expelled from that school, then you're going to military school, where you'll be sent to the next war quagmire. What will it be next, North Korea, Iran, Who knows? Anything's possible with mr. cuckoobananas in charge!"I was laughin my ass off!!! It is now my new fav simpson's quote!
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Bank of NY Executives from Hell: Louis Di Franco & Ben Balkind

This is an email that we received and wanted to share with you. This is what is happening in the financial world. Other companies in NY such as Goldman Sachs, CSFB & JPMorganChase also have HERRENDOUS work environments FILLED with arrogant and nasty people. It clearly demonstrates that corporate america isn't listening nor paying attention to the people that they are retaining.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I'm working for the Bank of NY and have had the unpleasant experience of working with Louis Di Franco and Ben Balkind. I have never ever worked with such hostile, aggressive, rude and arrogant people. The other employees CAN'T STAND EITHER OF THESE PEOPLE and they have no people skills whatsoever. Louis went to Princeton University and has his nose stuck so far into the air that you'd think his normal standing position has his nose pointing straight up.

The bank is in such INTERNAL CHAOS and they are so incompetent that they are unable to identify their issues and solve them. Thank you for listening and would you happen to know any good consultants????

Very Very disgusted with these MISERABLE co-workers & with the Bank of NY.

Open Thread

Anything new?? What's happening in the news????????????????????

Subway MESS: Plea for legal advice: My work is trying to Screw Me!

This is a post I found on dailykos.com. This and other unbelievable things are happening all over America in many different work environments. This truly reflects what's happening at Subway.


Plea for legal advice: My work is trying to Screw Me!by Stampy51
[Subscribe]Mon May 16th, 2005 at 09:25:11 CSTDear Fellow Kossacks,
I come to you now in an hour of dire need. My work is going to withhold my paychecks due to an issue of stolen money. I not believe this is fair or legal, but I do not know for sure and do not know if there is anything I can do.

Some background information:I am a college student with extremely limited income. I work part-time at Subway in our small college town. The Subway is "managed" by an older woman who does not do her job. You are thinking, "Ah another disgruntled employee and his slanted story!" and yet while I agree there is a slant, consider these objective statements after the fold. Diaries :: Stampy51's diary :: :: Trackback ::
we do not keep inventorythere is no security whatsoever (cameras etc)I am the senior employee with 5 months experiencewe take on and lose new employees at the rate of one a weekour work schedule is not made or posted until hours before it is to take effecttheft is rampant. the manager pads her hours (she works from 9:30 until 1 or 2 five days a week but pulls in checks with overtime)there is no accountability whatsoever money is sometimes left on top of the register or other obvious places in the openhigh school girls as young as 15 are left to tend the store alone from the hours of 8pm until whenever they finish cleaning up (usually midnight)

Given the circumstances of my work conditions, I am not surprised that over $300 was stolen last weekend. I worked one shift that weekend, and as there is no manager or any sort of check-up until Monday, every employee that worked that weekend is being held accountable. I really cannot afford to let them keep my pay, and I cannot afford to seek help, so I ask you now to please direct me to some resources or offer any advice. My goal is to write a sufficiently legal sounding letter to bluff them out of stealing my pay.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Joel Byron

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