Monday, May 30, 2005

Executive From Hell: Aaron Marcus from Goldman Sachs

Here's yet ANOTHER jerk executive from Goldman Sachs. Inside the firm, they truly believe that they are the most ELITE people on the planet when in fact that it just not true. It's going to take all of Elliot Spitzer's office to fine them and keep them held up in court forever for them to get the message that their behavior and the way they conduct themselves IS NOT going to be acceptable.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Aaron Marcus has got to be the most ARROGANT AND VICIOUS person I have ever worked for. He is absolutely HATED by his staff and the people that work around him. He has female employees and calls them by their last name. He interviews people when it's not his job to do so. He creates unbelievable amounts of employee relation issues and Goldman keeps rewarding him for his HORRIBLE behavior. It's like living in the White House, incompetence and arrogance is rewarded and the good people are made miserable. Aaron calls other executives and forces the secretaries to get their bosses off the phone so he can talk to them when in fact, THEIR ON THE OTHER LINE TALKING. That's how arrogant and full of himself he is. The whole culture inside of Goldman WREAKS of arrogant people who have NO SENSE OF REALITY. All you have to do is look at how the Bush administration functions, their baggage and the issues that are existant and the same issues are happening in Corporate America.

This place is INSANE

Thank you for this blog and thank you for listening.

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