Friday, May 27, 2005

Discrimination by Human Resources: Immigration Status issue

Well, the INCOMPETENT hr people have done it again. I don't know how much more close to discrimination a person can come to. When I read this, it broke my heart. The HR profession has really sunk to a new low. This story shows how incompetent and unprofessional some of the HR people are.

Discrimination against the immigration status
I was devestated to learn yesterday that the job that was offered to me last week was taken back because Human resource department was not comfortable with my immigration status. I summitted valid working permit and legal documents of my immigration status and have my lawyer to contact HR and explaneded to them that I am legally allowed to work within United state. But the HR person refused to listen. I had gone to the hiring manager/direct supersisor to explain that the HR's decision was wrongful and unfair but the hiring manager decided to go with HR's sugguestion. I am devestated and extremely hurt by their decision. And I can't believe that this is happening to me...

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