Monday, May 30, 2005

Horrible Temp Agency: Taylor Hodson in NYC

This came from a reader who had a terrible experience with the recruiters. The temp agencies need to be regulated but they won't be until we get a Democratic administration in the WH and who will listen objectively.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Taylor Hodson has to be the WORST temp agency in the city. The recruiters are arrogant, incompetent and unprofessional. My friend had the same experience with them. They asked the same question several times and were very militant in their tone and the way they dealt with people. They use vague terms and have no regard for the job seekers. The temp agenices in NYC are awful.

Thank you for your blog and thank you for listening


We found a post on and wanted to share it with you.
You know, it means something when a temp agency tells you that they are not going to pay you and then invites you to sue them; it means that they are BAD news. The only way that I was able to get Taylor Hodson's attention was to tell them that if I did not get paid from them, that I would sue their client in small claims court for compensation. My impression of these people is that they are capable of doing and saying anything. And in New York City a company or individual who is capable of doing and saying anything is a danger to the public. I would never set foot in this agency, not unless I had the police with me, several witnesses and the whole thing was videotaped.

There is even a website that is claiming that some or all of these people are members of some kind of organization involved in a scandal in California. Cult News

Obviously, these people are giving someone work, but if you decide to use them you run the risk of working all week for shit rates and maybe not being paid at all (unless you sue their client for compensation). Do yourself a favor and try all of the other 3,000 temp agencies in New York City before going to Talyor Hodson

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