Thursday, May 26, 2005

Found on Attention all Employers

I found this on and it's so true. Corporate America has no regard for the job seekers. AnitaP hit the nail on the head and echos what many job seekers have experienced in Bushies jobmarket.

Attention Employers!!!!! < AnitaP > 05/25 22:17:30
I like Craigslist Job Listings. BUT I find it unfortunate that so many employers will not identify themselves, but at the same time expect potential applicants to send ALL of their personal information to a Craigs List email account.

You may be a legitimate company, but there is no way that the applicant knows that. I will not send my resume unless the name of the company is provided. I send an email to the address provided and ask for the name of the company, but I have yet to ever get anyone to respond back....which tells me a lot about the company.

So the way that I see it, is that it is no loss to me. In this day an age I don't understand why an employer who has to take many precautions to protect it's business cannot understand that applicants have to submit many resumes before they get a job. And the applicant should at least know where this information is going.

For all I know is that these anoynomous companies could be gathering data for spam, fraud, telemarketing, and/or to sell. Please at least provide the name of your company....why are you hiding?

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