Sunday, May 29, 2005

America's Favorite Slick & Slimey Vice Presidential Employee: Dick Cheney's Unauthorized Bio..Courtesy of Canada's CBC

I found this on It's the unauthorized biography of Dick Cheney. Enclosed is the post from DailyKos and a link to the article. The material in his bio is MINDBLOWING!!
Devastating Cheney doco viewable online!by HollywoodOz
[Subscribe]Sat May 28th, 2005 at 22:40:15 CSTCanada's CBC puts together some of the best documentary journalism you're ever likely to see, and they just showed what is, in my eyes, the most devastating, clear, concise, irrefutable expose on Dick Cheney that you will ever see. This is the kind of doco that even a red-blooded red stater would have trouble walking away from without changing their next vote, and I compel you to spend the next 42 minutes of your life taking it in for yourself. Diaries :: HollywoodOz's diary :: :: Trackback ::

Sy Hersh is interviewed, Joe Wilson, James Woolsey, former aides, former federal agents, and it covers everything from Cheney's DUI arrest to the proof that he still gets paid by Halliburton. The doco originally aired just before the last Presidential election, but having just seen it now and noticing that it's viewable online, I felt I just had to diary the thing. Watch it, send it to your friends, sit your red state relatives down in front of it, get the word out there.

Dick Cheney: An unauthorized biography

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