Saturday, May 28, 2005

John Dee Kelly of JPMorganChase BUSTED by Plain Clothes FEMALE Police Officer for Attempted Sexual Assault & Lewdness

(What else is new over there!!!!)
These are the terrible types of employees and people that the Banks are hiring and retaining. It really makes you wonder about their recruiting and the people that are conducting the selection process. The banks are incompetent and CLEARLY haven't learned how to recruit people. This idiot picked the WRONG plain clothesed off duty FEMALE police officer to go after.

He's busted - in a flash!Condom-wearing man nabbed by jogging female cop

John Dee Kelly-->A Manhattan banker wearing only a condom ambushed a female jogger on the Jersey Shore - but had to scram when she turned out to be a cop, prosecutors said yesterday. The officer threatened to blast 39-year-old John Dee Kelly with pepper spray and later got the plate number off his rented car, enabling cops to track the suspect down."He picked the wrong person to attack," said Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Robert Honecker.

"This was a quick-thinking officer."Kelly, who lives in Jersey City, rented a car from Hertz at Newark Airport on May 15 and drove to Union Beach, N.J., where he stripped down to his condom and laid in wait in the woods near a jogging trail, police said.Around 1:30 p.m., Kelly allegedly pounced on the jogger but quickly found himself facing off with a furious female officer, police said.

Kelly quickly retrieved his shorts and shirt and ran to his rented car, where he draped the shirt over the back plate to elude his pursuer, police said. But the officer stripped the shirt off the tag as Kelly was peeling out, police said.Now investigators are checking whether Kelly, who travels the country balancing the books and selling services to JPMorgan Chase bank's corporate customers, was involved in other attacks."We've determined that over the last 27 months he's rented cars from Hertz at 18 different cities," Honecker said. "We've provided information to those jurisdictions to see if there have been similar incidents, and we've had a number of agencies contact us."

Honecker did not identify the female officer, who is in her 30s, or the department she works for. He said she was not injured in the alleged attack.Kelly surrendered to Union Beach, N.J., police 11 days later and was identified by the officer in a six-man lineup. He pleaded not guilty yesterday to attempted sexual assault and lewdness charges and was being held in the county jail in lieu of $202,500 bail.

JPMorgan Chase officials declined to comment on Kelly.Honecker said he believed Kelly was a vice president at the bank. Bank sources described him as midlevel sales executive in the Treasury and Securities Services unit.Originally hired by Bank One about five years ago, Kelly became part of JPMorgan Chase when the two banks merged, the sources said.

A worker at the Liberty Towers, a luxury building on Jersey City's Gold Coast, said Kelly lived alone and commuted to work "by limo.

"Two detectives from Union Beach came looking for Kelly on Tuesday, the worker said. "They had a picture of him but he wasn't home," he said.Kelly surfaced after the cops split and told the worker that their investigation "was squashed.""He said he had cleared it up," he said. "He said if the police come back, to call him."

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