Friday, May 27, 2005

Keeping the Incompetent and Unprofessional people employed: Creating a horrible work environment

This is a story about owners who aren't monitorinng the people they are keeping. This environment is filled with such incompetent and unprofessional people, that it's ripe conditions for a toxic and unproductive work environment.

General question about work
I work in the retail industry and in a very specific field. The people i work with are a very immature bunch. for example.. ex marine who still thinks hes in the military and has only been with the store for less than 3 months. still has to have the acceptance and approval attitude. a girl who wants people to do as she says not as she does.. somehow she got into the management level of things. loves to argue about everything and of course is always right,even when wrong. she will even argue with the employees when were busy with customers. she has seniority over about 2 people and 1 that is part time out of 9. very arrogant. when these two people are gone at the same time, its a nice place to work. I am probly the oldest there and the most mature (IMO) I dont know but this seems to be a problem and the owners for some reason dont want to address the problem. or is the problem with me?

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