Thursday, May 26, 2005

Unprepared Manager reads resume AT THE INTERVIEW vs BEFORE THE INTERVIEW

Now, anyone who's been properly trained and educated on how to interview KNOWS that you're supposed to review the person's resume BEFORE an interview. This email sums up what's happening inside of Corporate America in terms of their unprofessional and thoroughly rude behavior towards the candidates. When you read the resume before, you can put together questions that will help you delve for more information so you can choose the person. This is PURE INCOMPETENCE AND IDIOCY.

Interviewer read my resume in front of me
This manager (not the hiring manager) walked in and told me he had not read my resume as yet....he's one of 5 on the interview schedule sent to me 2 days ago. Is it cosidered rude, unprofessional and not taking the position I applied seriously?

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