Thursday, May 26, 2005

Crooked/Shady Recruiters STRIKE AGAIN

This is an email we received and wanted to share with you. Again, it demonstrates the type of recruiting that's happening in this company.

Strange Encounter
Recruiter calls me *after 7 pm* . tells me he is from a well known software co. already has my old resume. wants a new one for an immediate opening in the company. wants it right there and then. that's a bit odd since it is after hours. what's the rush? and why the late call? he also asked about my last employer and salary. while on the phone, i look up his number in the reverse directory. It is his home. He asks me to email my resume to his email address, which is .

I call the big company and ask the computerized voice attendant for him by saying his full name. He is not in their records. but the computer says I can record a message and have it delivered to his email. Is this a little odd ? Should I email this person my resume ? The manner of this call was not professional at all, esp. for a company like you-know-who.

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