Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Executive from Hell: Carol V. Pledger from Goldman Sachs NYC

This story comes to us from someone at Goldman Sachs in the NYC office and this person has had an opportunity to see this executive interact with the people and environment around her. The culture within Goldman is very vertical (meaning very top down) and very demanding. The people are RUDE and ARROGANT. The assistants who work for the heads of the departments are treated very poorly and are exposed to corruption and ill managed executives who are arrogant, egocentric and self centered people with no sense of reality and some have HERRENDOUS MORALS AND VALUES.

Dear America's Work Stories,

Carol V. Pledger is in the Human Resource Department in and is one of the worst HR Managers I've ever met in my life. Her reputation across the firm is HORRIBLE. She's incredibly insensitive and irresponsible with her words. She has all the characteristics of a murderer in terms of her behavior and words and her lack of ability to understand how they impact others. She makes statements that are uninformed from an HR perspective. It sounds, look, and feels like she hasn't had ANY psychology classes and is THOROUGHLY UNWARE OF HERSELF. She's not intouch with herself AT ALL. She lives in a fictional world and is tempermental and NASTY!!!! She has no concept of how she impacts other people. We also want to know how she's keeping her job with her incompetence and ongoing interpersonal and communication issues that she has with everyone? It feels like someone is helping her keep her job no matter how large her mistakes are or how many large mistakes she makes. The question is HOW IS SHE KEEPING HER JOB!!!!!! IT SMELLS VERY VERY FISHY!!!! She is rewarded for her horrible behavior and incompetence. This behavior should not be rewarded or allowed ESPECIALLY in an HR setting.

She is arrogant, RUDE, HAS NO RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE and has no concept how her actions impact other people. Her behavior and incompetence as an HR Manager is so disgusting that every time you call someone else in in the firm for Carol the response is "oh Carol Pledger..(ewwwww, groan )". Goldman Sachs is NOT holding their Executives responsible for their behavior and reward them for their arrogance and incompetence. Elliot Spitzer would have a field day in here with all the lawsuits. The culture and people are very retalitory, have no common sense and are arrogant like the White House.

Thank you Thank you for all of your time and for this blog. This allows the American people to share WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING inside the American workplace.

Really Disgusted

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