Monday, May 16, 2005

Bank of NY Executives from Hell: Louis Di Franco & Ben Balkind

This is an email that we received and wanted to share with you. This is what is happening in the financial world. Other companies in NY such as Goldman Sachs, CSFB & JPMorganChase also have HERRENDOUS work environments FILLED with arrogant and nasty people. It clearly demonstrates that corporate america isn't listening nor paying attention to the people that they are retaining.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I'm working for the Bank of NY and have had the unpleasant experience of working with Louis Di Franco and Ben Balkind. I have never ever worked with such hostile, aggressive, rude and arrogant people. The other employees CAN'T STAND EITHER OF THESE PEOPLE and they have no people skills whatsoever. Louis went to Princeton University and has his nose stuck so far into the air that you'd think his normal standing position has his nose pointing straight up.

The bank is in such INTERNAL CHAOS and they are so incompetent that they are unable to identify their issues and solve them. Thank you for listening and would you happen to know any good consultants????

Very Very disgusted with these MISERABLE co-workers & with the Bank of NY.

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