Monday, February 14, 2005

The Bad Boss: There are TOO MANY OF THEM

One of the most devestaing events in the workplace is the underdeveloped and incompetent supervisors who have their jobs. With NO REGULATION being the rule and not the exception in the last 4 years, alot of people in the management level are incredibly incompetent or have been promoted without the right skill set. If you don't know how to manage other people, the company doesn't function properly and thus the product or service doesn't get delivered. However, for alot of companies, that's a VERY VERY DIFFICULT concept to grasp.

What type of experiences have you had with a supervisor?

There are a lot of bad bosses, supervisors, directors, CEO's, CFO's, etc.
I work for a husband and wife team,she is the head supervisor and he is a lead person and so am I,We all work the afternoon shift,Our whole shift has experienced nepotism from them she has hired many of her children and nieces to work for our company,they slacked off wasted company time and where the lowest producers on the shift,her husband doesnt have to do anything if he doesnt want to,they have had many complaints with upper management,but nothing was ever done to correct the situation so employees slack off and our not doing what they should be doing.This is my everyday thing and I am getting sick of being the workhorse and watching her husband eat and talk on his cell phone all the time,I have applied for a better job and am going to the Owner of the company to voice a complaint on behalf of my fellow employees,nothing will probably come of it but at least it will be off my chest and I will have the satifaction of Knowing I did the right thing.They manage the company as I wont tell if you dont tell,its to the point where employees come and go as they please.
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