Friday, February 25, 2005

Pfizer: The case of UNTRAINED MANAGERS

Pfizer not only has problems with the drugs that it's selling but they also have problems with the Managers that they're retaining. We received an email that talks about Managers who were sent from the South to the Northeast to help with a project and couldn't manage, couldn't adapt to the environment and were a FAILURE!!!!

Dear America's Work Stories,

I was doing some temp work and was working with Managers who were sent from the South to the Northeast to start a project. These people weren't adjusting to the environment of the Northeast. If we had to go to the South, we would have to adjust and understand their culture. How could Pfizer send such unadjustable people for a project? Moreover, they didnt' have any group skills and didn't understand how they came off to the group. They sounded like a bunch of rednecked hicks. One guy said "Oh boy, when you get Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton's a mess". The blood drained from my face when I heard this. I was appalled. They created SUCH PROBLEMS for the project and everyone involved, that the Senior Management actually jumped in and had to intervene.

Thank you,

A side note from America's Work Stories
Pfizer has ENOURMOUS ENORMOUS problems with how they manage their people. They don't provide any training and don't keep people accountable. The type of drugs they're selling isn't their only problem and don't function in reality just like the Bush Administration. The people who did the recruiting and the management are at great fault for allowing a situation to become this bad.

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