Monday, February 28, 2005

Temp Agencies: Slimey, Shady, Slick, Incompetent & add to job search problems.

We've had several people email and tell us about the temp agencies all over the country and report the following: the agencies are FULL of incompetent and ARROGANT people who just don't understand their function. They also have no comprehension that the candidates become your clients when they get placed irrespective if you place them or they find a position via another method. The corporations where the candidates are being placed are in very bad shape and only add to the problems with all of their RIDICULOUS tests, requirements, LARGE EGOS/ARROGANCE in addition to the incompetent people that they've placed in hiring positions in the HR departements and in hiring manager positions.

If you've had to temp, what type of experiences have you had? Which agencies and clients have you dealt with? We want to hear about your experiences!!!!

Latina management with latino biased clients at Stivers Staffing Westwood. Anglos and Blacks avoid them at all opportunities. You will be lied about and exploited.
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