Sunday, May 15, 2005

AON: Sued by Elliot Spitzer and they STILL can't function

AON has a variety of issues and Elliot Spitzer being the least of them. Word is from several people who are well educated and seasoned are not getting any response from AON for positions that they are VERY VERY well qualified for. Also, we've noticed that AON is posting, posting, posting and REPOSTING for the VERY SAME POSITIONS. Sounds like things are not functioning very well inside of the organization and within the recruiting group. Very sad for a company that's supposed to be a consulting firm. (It's absolutely RIDICULOUS. How much more absurd and ridiculous can a consulting firm's organiztional environment & culture become?? Clearly, OUT OF CONTROL. We've heard the same about Deloitte Consulting, Pricewaterhouse and let's not forget the worst company culture in consulting, McKinsey. )

Also we have heard from within the organization that morale is very low and making changes within the organization are moving at a very very slow pace. You'd think after a company makes national headlines, that they would clean up their act. Not this bunch and the other consulting organizations aren't helping themsevles either.

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