Saturday, May 14, 2005

Elliot Spitzer, Attorney General for New York, is a HERO!!!

Elliot Spitzer is truly an American Hero for prosecuting Corporate America. He has truly stood on his own two feet and stood up for what's right and just in this country. He has also stood up for the working people who have been squelched by the Bush Adminstration. I hope he becomes the Attorney General in the next Democratic Administration. The labor laws in NY are being completed violated and there is absolutely no regard for the employees or their well being. Mr. Spitzer continues to prosecute the wrongdoing and illegal behavior. Good for you Elliot!! Keep up the excellent work. We here at America's Work Stories are cheering for you!!!!!

If you've lived and worked in NY, what have your experiences been with the companies there???

I hope Spitzer becomes governor of NY in 2006 and then runs for President of the US in 2008. He has recognition and support accross the US and he could win!
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