Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Adecco: Steven Halvorsen, The Recruiter from Hell

Here's another recruiter from Adecco who is arrogant, rude and incompetent. We have heard NUMEROUS complaints about Adecco's Fifth Avenue Offices and the Recruiters who are employed there. I would NEVER give them my job orders to fill. I also hear that same sentiment from other HR people.

This is a letter from someone who had the unfortunate experience of having to look for a job in this economy and had to deal with Steven as a Recruiter.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I was laid off in NYC and was searching for a position. I had registered with Adecco and had the unfortuante experience of having to work with Steven Halvorsen. I have never met anyone who is openly hostile, RUDE, arrogant, full of himself and openly snipes at people over the phone. Their clients are HORRIBLE to work for and CSFB is an incredibly HOSTILE environment to work in.

Adecco's DOES NOT search for great work environments for their temps and truly just don't care about the people who are doing the work. They are only out to make money and don't take into consideration who their clients or their illegal behavior, the recruiters they employ or their reputation. Just like the White House, there is no oversight to their operation and they don't take any responsibility for the people who work for them or their actions.

Thank you.

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