Monday, June 13, 2005

The American Workplace, A mess: A story from a jobseeker

This is a sad story and details the shape of the American economy and the American Workplace.

Trying to understand why I can't find a job 06/13 09:15:37
I have been struggling for over a year now to find a job after graduation. I found a job shortly after graduation, but the circumstances at work were horrible. They hired me in high season, hardly trained me and my boss, the same age without university degree, felt threatened by me and bad-mouthed me to the owners of the company in my presence. I left. Then I was jobless for some more months.

Then I met someone who pulled me into a research project, but expected me to volunteer my time. How can I survive? I worked on a temporary assignment, which is over now. Why do I have such a hard time finding something?

Here my questions to you. Is it because I am a European immigrant (that came here only because my husband is American), is it because of the bad economy, is it because of the degree I have (MA in Social Science) or is it because I don't have many contacts because I did not go to school here? I still have contact to friends in Europe and it seems to go well for them. My cousin works at a film project as a political science major, my sister is one year younger and makes 5000 a month.

Are things so bad here or are my personal circumstances working against me? I am grateful for any input.

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