Thursday, June 02, 2005

Another CHEAP employer in California!!!

This is another post that I found on craigslist. It discusses the cost of living and the wages that are being offered for this position. Corporate Americas has not learned.
Kerry & Edwards can't get sworn in fast enough!!!!

Another cheap company to announce! < - > 06/02 11:16:59
Flame me all you want naysayers, and yes I read that this is a summer job but consider this for a moment:
1) This is in the FINANCIAL DISTRICT of San Francisco - this is a VERY expensive area to commute to and PARK if you plan on driving.
1a) $10- to $15- an hour (with the supposed potential for full time employment is really not that great given this fact
2) They expect you drive to various customer feedback sessions - implying that you have a car/drivers license - do they plan on reimbursing you for your mileage for this effort?
It is unclear from this posting (my guess is probably not)

I am getting so tired of companies like this who think they are the second coming and then try to rip potential employees off... Do the math people: $10- per hour at 40 hours a week is $400. Less taxes is less than $300.

Then you need to pay for parking every day which then tacks on an additional $20- per day as well as any incidentals -- as time goes on, it sounds like you will have to PAY them for the priviledge of working for THEM.

Yeah, it's marginally better if you get the $15 per hour rate, but still not by much.

This is getting to be really depressing. Yes, people can choose not to apply for these jobs, but we all need to look out for one another when we see that someone is obviously taking advantage of another. This is just down right insulting... Now let the flame fest begin!

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