Monday, June 13, 2005


When I read this post on, I was just stunned. They need some consulting something fierce!!! I would think twice if you want to work there!!

*BEWARE* Bally Total Fitness(SF) 06/13 10:22:35
I want everyone to know about this scam and unfair employment that bally has.the process on how bally run the sales structure is a scam. So let me try to explain this the best way i can. when you open a membership there is hidden fees that the sales person does not tell you at all, and sometimes its not even stated on the contract, until you recieve your first bill, which is not even close to the price you agree too. Then the sales guy will tell you that, yea ill go and refund you the money, which wont be done for like 4-5 months. while ur waiting for you refund you are still being charge a over price. And at the end you dont even get your refund back, because bally will tell you all these regulations and rules.

One rule is that if you cancel your contract early you will be charge a extra $325.87. The sales people also pressure you into signing stuff you dont want to sign. The sales people would also lie infront of your face. How do i know all this??? I had a close friend that had a account with them and he told me that bally total fitness his charging him way too much for the monthly payment. At that time i had work for bally and i was trying to help my friend out. When i confronted the managers, they would give me the break down on how they would try to get more money out of customers. But i told them that this is one of my close friends. Managers reply that "friends" are the easiest people to make money from and scam from.

They are also a very racial employment place. The managers of the same race would stick together. And when you have a customer that want to open a membership with you, the managers will steal that customer so he can get the commision. I could'nt bare with the scams and racial status that i encounter at bally total fitness, so at the end i quit that job. By the way i did'nt even get my full pay check for the 2 weeks i work for the, i only got less than half of my pay check. There is so many things that is wrong with bally total fitness that i cant even name them all. Everything that i had said is true! and i can back it up 100%. If you want more info on how bally do these scams! plz feel free to E-mail me. Thank You all for taking the time to read this!

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