Sunday, June 05, 2005

Better Body Solutions in Naperville, IL Offer Company Benefits Faster to Exempt Employees than non-Exempt Employees

This posting came from CHICwit which is part of the community and someone from this massage business is asking about becoming Exempt or staying non-Exempt. This company also offers its exempt employees some company benefits faster than the non-execmpt employees. Not a good thing.

Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2005
15:46:15 -0600
From: Moderator 2
Subject: Exempt or non-Exmpt?

I am up for a review and reclassification of my position(at in a couple days.I would like some feedback and opinions, especially from HR professionals,on whether I should suggest/request that I become Exempt or stay non-Exempt.Exempt employees are required to work 4 more hours per week than non and they get access to some company benefits much sooner than non. Also, wouldan exempt salary usually be higher than a non in the same position? Anyfeedback would be great. Thanks!

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