Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bullying Boss After Coming Back From Sickness WITH SATISFACTORY DOCUMENTATION

This is a post that covers a work environment that becomes retaliatory after one comes back after sickness WITH PROPER DOCUMENTATION.

Interesting Situation 06/09 04:20:04
Hi! I also posted this in the legal forum.

I just was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction: I was extremely sick and out of work for three days then returned with a doctor's note. Then in the first three days back I started getting sicker again so I went to the doctor after work on my third day back. He put me on half days at work and wrote a note. He told me he was serious and that I was not well enough to really work at all, but if I was careful a half day would be ok. I took the note to HR and she said I would still receive full pay and that I satisfied all the documentation needed.

Since then both my bosses have been horrible. One has been verbally aggressive and abusive in for the past 5 days. Yesterday if it hadn't been for the nice conference table he would have tried to hit me. My other boss has been making mistakes on all sorts of things and blaming them on me which forces the other boss to yell at me for stuff I wasn't even there for. I have documentation of all of this, and went to HR yesterday. HR set up a meeting with all 4 of us in two weeks.

Where do I reasearch my rights? I don't think much will come of this, but I want to protect myself on all ends. I can prove they are doing the things they are doing but I want to know where I stand with my rights - as all of this has happened because I have been ill. I went on the DOL Web site and didn't find much that applied to this particular situation. I called it "medical work restriction" "work restriction" "medical condition". I just want to be fully prepared in this meeting. I have been told that they are good a bullying people and intimidating them in these meetings and I plan on being fully prepared will ALL documentation.

Any guidance would be appreciatied

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