Saturday, June 18, 2005

Co-Worker from HELL: Beth Fabricant of McKinsey North American Insurance Group

This is another story of an employee who has no boundaries set for them. McKinsey has a NOTORIOUS reputation for the people they retain in their firm.

Dear Americ'as Work Stories,

I don't even know where to begin. McKinsey has to be one of the worst consulting firms to work for. Beth is the most obnoxious, rude, self centered, competitive person I've ever met in my life. Her family is on the phone with her for multiple amounts of hours of the day and all she does is talk about herself. This place is like a zoo. No one sets any boundaries and is not very intuitive or observant. It's almost lawlessness (kind of like the White House). I thought McKinsey is supposed to be an elite firm? They make PricewaterhouseCoopers look good and that place is a CATASTROPHE inside.

Her supervisor Chris (who's a woman and goes through multiple amounts of nannies because her employees leave her because of her miserable behavior) is one of the most openly aggressive people in the firm. I would NEVER EVER recommend working her for anyone. This group has so much turnover and Mike who's head ALSO has employees get up and leave because he's so unbearable to work with.

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