Thursday, June 02, 2005

Columbia University: Graduating Arrogant, Cocky, Condescending, Nasty JERKS!!!

We have received several emails voicing opinion about Columbia University and the people who graduate out of there. The emails are summarized as follows:

1. The people are very arrogant and create ENORMOUS employee relation issues inside the CONSULTING & INVESTMENT BANKING FIRMS.

2. There are NO consequences for their action. Their bad behavior is REWARDED. (How's that for just like the White House and DISGUSTING)

3. Columbia nor the companies are doing anything to address these issues. In addition, the people who are doing the recruiting LIKE the arrogant personalities. (When you ask all the Organizational consultants, SEASONED HR people and HR Consultants, they will tell you that is A HUGE problem and that the people who are doing the recruiting needs to be addressed VERY SERIOUSLY).

So what is the solution? There's need to be 360 Degree feedback where people around the person who is going through their performance appraisal give feedback so there a TOTAL picture of their performance.

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