Friday, June 17, 2005

Dishonest Employee & Unobservant Employer = Billing Employee Who Is Padding Their Overtime Time Sheets & Getting Away With It.

This is an email from someone who is in the position of knowing that another employee who is horribly unpleasant is padding their overtime. The employer, who is unobservant and not paying attention, is not aware of what is happening. This poor employee who wrote is pondering whether they should say something. The person who had this Accounting Supervisor position ALSO knew what was happening but was scared to say something also. When is Corporate America going to pay attention to their business?

Tattletale or Professional? 06/16 13:47:15
I am the acctg. supervisor of a small co. with about 40 employees. One of my job duties is to processt he payroll. There are only 5 total employees in the office. We are all salaried, but 2 of my co-workers are non-exempt so they're eligible for overtime. I've been here a year now. I have become suspicious in the last few months that one of these people is heavily padding her overtime. Sometimes she's in the office only 4 or 5 hours a day but when she reports her hours to me she always claims several hours of overtime. She is allowed to work from home.

She doesn't know it but I have access to a report that shows how many hours per day she's actually logged into the system. Based on the time I know she's in the office and the time reflected in these reports, it would appear she is definitely falsifying her time.

This person has been with the co. for over 17 years and has a key role, she does all our billing and they have never cross-trained. Also, she is not a pleasant person at all and has verbally abused me on multiple occasions.

My gut tells me I need to report this to my boss(she and her husband own the co. and are only in the office a for a few hours 3-4 days per week) but I am also afraid of the backlash this will cause once this person is exposed. I have been looking for another job just to get away from this stressful situation, but so far no luck. I recently found out that my predecessor was aware of this situation but was too afraid to expose this.

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