Thursday, June 16, 2005

Disruptive, Obstructive and Undisciplined Employee...a PERFECT example

This is an email that came to us from someone who has very intelligently observed one of the greatest obstructions to getting work done in corporate America employee who hasn't been disciplined and is unaware of how he or she is affecting the workplace and others within the workplace.

sticky situation at work 06/16 12:34:08
I was given a major project to run and my manager/mentor warned to me to run with it to make a name for myself. I trust him implicitly. He also warned me that a woman who has zero intelligence but has a lot of tenure with the company (and kisses the head boss' ass daily) will try to take over my project.

She keeps saying she's "not in charge," just a "guide" in helping me through this (since I'm a relatively new employee and she's been here 20 years) but she has a poor reputation and she tends to take other people's work and present it as her own.

I'm in a bind because she's been allowed to oversee the progress of my project so she keeps asking me for ideas to "brainstorm with" but I don't want to! Then again, how can I avoid it? Also, she gave the other key member of this team (a guy I'll be working with on a daily basis in the future) the impression she needs to be in the loop on every conversation we have! When she found out the guy and I were talking back and forth, she goes, "I want to be included in the loop whenever you talk to him... not trying to be 'in charge' just want to keep abreast of the situation." YEAH RIGHT!

I spoke with the guy and diplomatically said, "let's not bog her down with details - she's here to guide the general proces." I was trying to let him know - don't cc her on every e-mail and tell about every conference call we're going to have. I wanted to say, after all, I'm going to be managing this, not her. This one is sticky! My manager's on vacation. I can't wait until he comes back!

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