Saturday, June 04, 2005 NYC: People with Masters Degrees NEED A SECRETARY. A Narrow Minded & Nasty Perspective

Eileen Gonzalez, who is the HR Manager at NYC (, told a candidate (who has a Masters Degree) when reviewing the candidates education that "people with Masters Degrees need secretaries". She doesn't have a Masters degree and is still employed by this company. is unethical and keep people who have no regard for the law and for the job candidates.

Eileen's comment is very typical of those inidivuals in the Human Resource profession who are very threatened by others on the Masters level. This question was innapropriate and should of NEVER EVER exited her mouth. More information and more education are ALWAYS beneficial to the workplace ESPECIALLY when you're in a management position. The question of having secretarial assistance wasn't the issue that was being discussed.

Her behavior clearly indicates that she's very threatened and has a STEREOTYPE of people with Masters Degrees. This is the same as saying because you live in X neighborhood, you have certain qualities, characteristics or personality traits.

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