Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Employer Refusing to Pay Wage Increase While Workload Gets Larger

This story comes from craigslist.com. Joe's workload is increasing and he's not being compensated properly. This is happening all over America under this President.

What to do? <06/06 20:37:25
Facts on job situation... What advice would you give? Joe is being paid half as much as other employees on same team Joe has nearly twice the job responsibilities because it is known that he can handle it - Example: Another employee given data entry work while Joe is project lead on several projects Boss continues to give Joe more and more work Joe asks Boss for raise in order to be paid fairly, in comparison with others on team Boss tells Joe that 'you weren't hired to make that much even though you are doing that much work. Joe can document his workload and boss can't deny it.

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