Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Employers Running Credit Checks: A Mixed Reaction

I found this discussion on and Modem Butterfly is discussing running credit checks for employers.

I personally don't think they tell you anything about an employee's performance or what type of employee they would be. I know from experience that if you're in a financial institution and you need to hire someone who is going to either handle someone else's money or handle the company's money, you need to find someone with a clean credit report. With identity theft, this RIDICULOUS pResident in office who has bankrupted everyone and other geo-political events that have destroyed our economy, wonderful people have gotten into some very dire financial situations and their credit report needs to be IGNORED when considering them for employment.

It simply doesn't tell you what type of employee they are going to be. Enclosed are two posts and the URL so you can see the discussion. Please read the rest of the responses in the discussion.
Modem Butterfly (1000+ posts)
Wed Jun-01-05 06:12 PMOriginal message
As someone who checks credit for employment...
I think everyone needs to calm down.An awful lot of people have made mistakes in their past. In fact, very few people have "perfect" credit. Your credit is probably a lot closer to average than you may think. Employers are generally looking for an indication of responsbility. It's not so much the fact that you HAVE debt as much as are you PAYING OFF your debt? Owing a lot to Visa and/or Master Card isn't nearly as having multiple vehicle reposessions, a history of bad checks, or tenant evictions. Pay your debts or make agreements with your creditors and it will be reflected on your credit report. Dispute items that are in error. It will look a whole lot better than multiple collection items.

BlueJazz (1000+ posts)
Wed Jun-01-05 07:07 PMResponse to Original message
34. Modem Butterfly ...You (Maybe) have forgotten one thing.
I know a very responsible, nice lady who has been turned down for numerous jobs. Her credit sucks the big one..Why?...Because some low-life stole her identity and destroyed her credit rating. She's been trying for a year to "get it right".Every time I talk to her my heart just breaks seeing her cry because people don't want to hire her.Damn..I get pissed just thinking of it.Also...Her "situation" is becoming more and more common...Lots of crooks out there..

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