Thursday, June 02, 2005

From DU: The most abusive things an employer has done

This thread is from and it discusses the most abusive things an employer has done. I will post the most current responses and the URL so you can go and visit to hear how the employers are behaving.
Mizmoon (1000+ posts)
Thu Jun-02-05 08:12 AMOriginal message
What's the most abusive thing you've seen an employer do?
I knew one supervisor who managed a group of CSRs. Even though it wasn't necessary, she wouldn't let them use the bathroom unless it was their break time. If they needed to go in between breaks, they'd have to grovel for her permission.I was a manager so I started asking around if this was actually legal and to my horror it turns out it was.
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XanaDUer (1000+ posts)
Thu Jun-02-05 08:17 AMResponse to Original message
1. Deny a person who had cancer
time off for chemo (even though the person had lots of vacation time) because her time off for treatment would interfere with daily schedules.This is among some stuff I have seen, and I have seen it all.
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Modem Butterfly (1000+ posts)
Thu Jun-02-05 08:20 AMResponse to Reply #1
4. BTW, that may have been illegal
Under both the ADA and FMLA.
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peace frog (37 posts)
Thu Jun-02-05 08:17 AMResponse to Original message
2. Sounds familiar
Ten years ago I worked in a call center where our time off the phone was militantly micro-managed. One fine day I needed a potty break, put the phone on hold and trotted off to the ladies room... only to be followed by my supervisor, who stood outside the stall door admonishing me to get back on the phone because "we have calls in queue!!"

goddess40 (1000+ posts)
Thu Jun-02-05 08:18 AMResponse to Original message
3. I had an employer throw me up against a wall and scream at me
I was 15 and it was really a voluntary job at a riding stable/farm. We got assigned a horse we could ride and show at fairs in exchange for working on the farm. My crime was that I brought out only one horse from a pair - even though there was only one more rider and there were four other girls bringing out horses.I guess there is the time that I fractured a couple of small bones in my wrist and sprained it and not only wouldn't she let me call my mother or take me to the doctor she left me in charge of the riding stable for the week-end with the help of three younger girls. (Saddling horses with a sprained wrist isn't easy.) "Will people ever be wise enough to refuse to follow bad leaders?" Eleanor Roosevelt " Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty " - Gandhi

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