Tuesday, June 07, 2005

From Seattle, WA: Washington Mutual: New Employee Reports Lack of Training & Poor Management

This story comes from Seattle, WA on Craigslist.com. Washington Mutual IS NOT training their new employees. This new employee reports that there's no training and the supervisor is telling him/her what they're doing wrong but clearly doesn't realize that the bank is not providing the information that they're supposed to. (Which ALWAYS ends up blowing up in the face of the employer. The more the new employee knows, the better off you're going to be as an employer in the end. He or she will be better equipt to perform the functions of their position and you'll end up helping your bottom line. But will Corporate America ever learn this lesson??????????? Not in this economy under this President.)

I HATE WAMU!!! 06/04 22:23:18
I started a job with them less than 2 months ago, and it's the worse decision of my entire professional career (and maybe even personal). The training sucks, if you get any, but they still want you do know everything. My boss seems to enjoy telling me all that I'm doing wrong, and nothing that I might be doing right. I had heard some terrible things about Washington Mutual, but had hoped that it was all bullshit. I HATE WAMU.

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