Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Importing Company in Westside of Chicago: Low Wages, Terrible Benefits, Discriminatory Comments about Race, Weight, Age & Hostile Work Environment

This is something we found on These are the types of companies that are in operation. This is sad, pathetic and inexcusable

Please advise- there is a company in Chicago that imports European bath products,owned by a older french couple. They tend to hire younger girls. This is the most abusive, hostile work environment out there. Low wages, terrible benefits and an owner(s) that's mentally abusive, threatens and makes discrimitory comments about race, wieght, and age. I know they will be hiring soon. I don't know if can post thethe name of the company legally due to libel but please be aware. The will say they are a luxury importer. It is in the west side ghetto. Please be aware.

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