Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Labor Lawyers Are Talking: The Employers Receive An F-

The Labor Lawyers have sung... and it's not a pretty tune. In fact, what they're reporting is not good. The American people are just being treated horribly inside and outside the American workplace. The following is the information that we've gathered from the attorneys.

1. Sexual Harrassment complaints are UP!!

2. Employers of 50 or more ARE NOT training their employees for sexual harrassment awareness.

3. If someone claims (due to an accident) disability/workman's compensation they are being outrightly fired because the employers don't want to pay the workman's comp cost.

4. Exempt employees are sueing in large numbers in the form of class action law suits because they are not being compensated for the longer hours that they are working. The settlements are ENORMOUS and in the multi million dollar range.

5. Discrimination is OUT OF CONTROL for those over 40 and for those with Masters Degree and Ph.D's who are searhing for a position. Those with a post graduate education are having a HORRIBLE time finding a position because they're well skilled and educated. These are the people who give great advice to the C-level of the organization.

6. The employees are not being treated legally and fairly.

7. Older Workers are being eliminated because they are making to much.

8. Cases with EEOC are moving much slower. Under President Clinton response was better, the response was much quicker. Labor processes (internally) have broken down in some areas of government. The investigative process has to be quicker at the EEOC andthat would take care of a lot of issues. They need to hire additional investigators. Companies get served and it takes 1-1.5 yrs for the case to be heard and that amount of time before the employer is told to remedy their behavior. The EEOC takes too long and is undermanned. There is no urgency to make changes in the way the employers are treating and managing their employees. They’re becoming bolder because EEOC doesn’t do their job. There has to be a provision in federal employement that also providese for quicker remedies such as discrimination in the workplace. They have made it harder for attorneys to get involved in initial stages of the case.
Sexual Harrassment or discrimination goes months without being addressed.

Transportation Security Administration which deals with airports, security..IS ABSOLUTE LAWLESSNESS. There are sexual harassment AND disability discrimination. People have no recourse. People are being fired for no reason at all. A person was forced to take leave of absence because of an injury and an accommodation wasn’t given. This person was put on indefinite leave of absence and was governed by workers compensation. He wasn’t able to work. Then he was dismissed and he was fired. It took A YEAR to get him back on the books. There are alot of unhappy people and the work environment at TSA is in very bad shape.

9. One agency said to someone who they thought belonged to a certain demographic but wasn't a part of this ethnic group "to bad your not hispanic". Those comments are completely uncalled for.

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