Thursday, June 16, 2005

Nina at Tells Job Candidate "You Just Cost Me Thousands By Not Applying Through Me"

Nina at embodies the lack of professionalism and knowledge of how to talk to a job candidate. Her statement of "you just cost me thousands and thousand of dollars" is OBNOXIOUS and absolute the WRONG way to speak to a job candidate. This is just disgusting and give the recruiting profession a bad name and a HORRIBLE reputation.

recruiter vent 06/16 07:48:40
I contacted a recruiter who listed an ad on craigslist about three weeks ago. I left a nice message and waited but got no response. So, I searched online, and found the job posted somewhere else. I applied, the company got back to me promptly that they were looking for someone with specific experience that I did not have (that's another story for another day!), but here's the vent: The recruiter finally called me yesterday...three weeks later! I said, that that job didn't seem like a good fit, maybe she knew of others. She said, "do you realize that you just lost me potentially thousands and thousands of dollars by not applying through me?" I was shocked!

So I fired back that my number one priority was me, not her commission and the nerve she had even mentioning that. She said that she could not take me on as a client because I obviously did not have respect for her--I said, duh...of course I have no respect for didn't call me back and now you admit that all you cared about was your commission? I thought the golden rule in recruiting was to make it appear that all you cared about was helping me get a job (no matter if you didn't even look for me!) What a bitch....oh yeah by the way, her name is Nina at

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