Tuesday, June 14, 2005

North Shore Staffing Group: STAY AWAY FROM THEM

A reader has written in with an experience from the North Shore Staffing Group. This will make you cringe!

Dear America's Work Stories,
I went to apply for a temporary position with the North Shore Staffing Group and when asked where I went to High School, I said the name of the town and the person who interviewed me said "oh my brother-in-law is from there" and made a face that communicated "yuck...you're from there?". This was so unprofessional and illegal. I wish I had some type of recording device so I could of recoreded her body language and facial expressions so everyone could see it. I was appalled. I'm writing to let everyone know about these people so they can avoid them like the black death. Thank you for this blog.

Mailing Address And Contact Information
OfficeMates 5 North Shore /
DayStar Temporary Services
191 Waukegan Road, Suite 104
Northfield, IL 60093
Phone: 847-446-7737
Fax: 847-446-0990
Email: info@om5anddaystar.com

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