Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Recruiter Giving Personality Tests: She Doesn't Know The Name Of The Test!

This is an email that we received from someonw who interviewed with this recruiter who didn't know the name of the personality test that she was giving her candidates and didn't know who Carl Jung is. When you give a personality inventory, you're supposed to know about the test, what it is, who's theory it's based on and how to interpret results. Someone within the organization who has a testing background and has been trained in giving personality inventories is supposed to be administering these tests, not the employees who don't understand what their doing and are INCOMPETENT.

Dear America's Work Stories,

I went to register with the Murphy Group in Park Ridge, IL with Beth Trull Parsch and gave me a personality inventory that she said no one else would see but I know that the recruiters go and share these details with their corporate clients. They always lie to the candidates. I asked her what test is this and she replied "I don't know". I thought to myself how can a recruiter not know what test your administering? She said "It's based on Carl Jung". I then asked her "Do you know who Carl Jung is?" and she replied "No". I asked myself again, how can someone who's giving a personality inventory not know who wrote the test and what theories the test is based on?

I have been in the HR businenss for over 12 years and have given personality inventories to job candidates. Beth should be put out of business and prosecuted. I couldn't believe my ears when this conversation transpired. This is just irresonsibility and should be illegal for someone who doesn't understand the personality test to be administering one to other people. I would highly urge other people not to go to her as a job candidate and I would also encourage other corporations not to do business with her because she is incompetent and doesn't understand what she's doing. The ironic thing is that she's the president of the company which really is a statement as to how uninformed, incompetent and unprofessional she is.

Thank you Thank you for this blog, it's a great consumer and job seeker guide to what's happening in the work and job seeker world.

Her address is as follows: The Murphy Group
Beth Trull Parsch, CPC
Suite 180
422 N. Northwest Highway
Park Ridge, IL 60068
T: 847-825-2136
F: 847-696-1662

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