Thursday, June 02, 2005

Recruiters Asking Inapropriate Questions That Are Irrelevant and an Invation of Privacy

For those that aren't familiar with how the recruiters work, when the place someone in a position, they either make a straight commission on a full time placement or a fee every week for someone who is doing temp or consulting work. The following is an account of someone who encountered a recruiter who was trying to find more leads which was AN INVASION OF PRIVACY. This encounter should exhibit how UNPROFESSIONAL the recruiters are.

Spoke to a recruiter, was asked the following... < nirvanna > 06/02 16:13:01
"how else are you conducting your job search?" I was a bit taken a back by it, because i dont think it is relevant to my resume or qualifications. Yet I answered, "right now, just through through the internet." Are they trying to fish out competition with other agencies? should i not even mention that i am also meeting with other recruiting agencies?

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