Thursday, June 16, 2005

Staffing Industry Interview: The Candidate Said Interviewer Was Robotic & Job Sounded Awful

This is a post from a reader who went to an interview with a staffing firm and came away with not not being interested in the job. These staffing firms are the ones filling job orders for companies. This is truly amazing.

should i interview? 06/16 07:58:52
I got called for a second interview at a major staffing company like Manpower. It's for a sales job. The woman who interviewed me was the director and kind of a robot. She talked really loud and I never felt like she was human. Anyway, she described the sales position as working in a "bullpin" atmosphere where there a cubes and you can hear other sales people. and the the other sales people will challenge you etc. etc. It sounded horrible to me. But the money might be pretty good. But i would then be stuck in the staffing industry. Anyone have any advice about what to do. I need to call this person back soon.

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