Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Story from the Trenches: Dealing with poor HR

This is one of the non-functioning and POORLY MANAGED work environments that exist in our country. This is just something else..A CEO who just doesn't know what he's doing.

Dealing with poor HR 06/07 13:03:47
I work for a company that has no structure in evaluating performance, communication, scheduling, let alone attendance. Granted, this company allows work to be performed in "odd-hours", reporting to a superior, and receiving feedback is close to impossible!!! My "boss" who is the "president" chooses not to come to the office when he's free, limiting the amount of feedback on the work, updates on work performed, as well as information I need to maintain and perform a task. I feel like there is no solution to fixing problems because 1. There really wasn't an orientation to set a baseline 2. Tasks performed have not been given any feedback on how and what needs improvement--rather complaints of "poor work" 3. Nepotism runs this company, limiting any possibility of suggesting change. From what I understand NOW, there was a high turnover a few years prior due to the same problems, and more. Is there any advice anyone can give to protect myself?

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