Friday, June 03, 2005

Temp Agencies that keep filling Corporate America's Revolving Positions b/c of Problem Executives: Ajilon & Executive Corporate Staffing (NYC)

Dear All,

We have received emails from many people saying that the temp agencies keep filling positions that are revolving door jobs where the Executive is so dysfunctional and unprofessional, they are unable to keep the employee in the job. The companies ARE ALSO responsible for not addressing the issues with the Executives who are creating these conditions and situation. Corporate America is turning its head and ignorning the issues AND FACTS that face them (just like the White House, no surprise there).

Snelling, Ajilon and Executive Corporate Staffing (who is located in NYC) are ALL GUILTY of filling these revolving positions. The person who is temporarily filling the position is the person who ends up having to deal with the problems/dysfunction inside the specific department with the low functioning executive. Our emails indicate that the side affects are: LOST SLEEP, tightening of the chest, unnecessary stress and fatigue.

There is no group or entity that is in charge of monitoring the activities of the temp agencies or admonishing them when they engage in conduct that is not in the best interest of the job seekers or associate with corporations that are not functioning or engaging in illegal behavior.

Because the government has been preoccupied in drilling for oil in foreign countries, starting illegal wars to get revenge for previous assisination attemps or invovled with other illegal activities, the American workplace has been HORRIBLY NEGLECTED AND SO HAVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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