Monday, June 20, 2005

University of Michigan Students Probe Coke Which Results In Examination of Their Business Practices

This is a a post I found over at the University of Michigan students asked some tough questions which got Coke to examine their labor, environmental and business practices. Good for them!!!!!!!
Coke to Examine Overseas Labor Practices (boycotts works)
ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) -- The Coca-Cola Co. says it is willing to examine its labor and business practices in India and Colombia to keep $1.3 million worth of contracts with the University of Michigan.>>>snipAtlanta-based Coca-Cola has for years faced questions about its labor practices abroad, and college students have levied some of the most vocal complaints. The company has repeatedly denied allegations of environmental and human rights abuses, but officials said they would look into the matter.

The student group accused Coca-Cola of draining the water table in India, causing farmers' crops to go dry; distributing bottling plant sludge containing contaminants to Indian farmers as fertilizer; selling products that contain pesticides in India; and conspiring with paramilitary groups in Colombia to harass and harm union members."The main issue ... is that the university is pandering to corporate interests and not necessarily to its constituents, the students," said Saamir Rahman, a 19-year-old junior and member of the group.
Boycotts work folks these students show that it does

The reasons to boycott coke

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