Monday, July 11, 2005

Norma Williams of NJW Companies screens candidates over the phone WITHOUT a resume infront of her & SHE'S THE CEO!!

We have intelligence that Norma Williams, who's the CEO, screens candidates over the phone without a resume infront of her. She asked a stupid question about dates of employment and the candidate replied to her "don't you have the resume infront of you?" and she replied "I'm the CEO.". THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNCALLED FOR. That wasn't the question and her reply was ABSURD.

Norma, you're supposed to have the resume infront of you when you screen someone over the phone. You don't talk to someone without that material infront of you. The excuse "I'm the CEO." DOESN'T FLY. THAT DOESN'T WORK.

NJW Associates
35 East Wacker Drive
Suite 3450
Chicago, IL 60601
Tel: 312.464.1999
Fax: 312.464.1559

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